Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 years ago...

It's a trending topic today....what were you doing 10 years ago today?

Well, I was 2 weeks away from being 15. I was at Emilie Adamson's house in Yukon for a homeschool party with my mom and siblings. We figured it was a safe place considering the world could be ending. Remember? It was Y2K. Everyone had stockpiled canned goods and water in case something blew up and there was no power. I remember sort of holding my breath at midnight hoping nothing would happen. My dad was working because he needed to be there in case the hospital blew up. It didn't. Nothing did. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Isn't that kinda what it felt like afterwards? Oh...this isn't the rapture, Armageddon or any other type of ending of the world. It's just the start of the year, that's all.

Oops. My bad.

So let me paint you a picture. I was wearing Paris Blues flair jeans, light wash. My favs. A button-up 3-quarter sleeve shirt in a mixture of browns. My hair was at my shoulders (finally) and parted down the middle (not quite as "Aniston" as I'd like to admit.) The make-up phase had calmed down so I looked fairly normal. Oh, and my fly was down the entire night. I noticed in a picture weeks later. Awesome. No boy was crushing on me. No kiss at midnight for roughly 6 more years.

What about you? Anyone locked in the house or cellar?

PS I believe our next door neighbor is still stockpiling for Y2K. Lots of pots and pans and random things in his back room. I think he has weapons burried in the yard. At least I have an ally if anything ever does happen.

Monday, December 28, 2009

This year!

As promised, pictures of my decorations! This doesn't count some table decorations and the welcome Santa wreath on my front door, but it was a start!

I made this out of childhood pictures of Carl and I's Christmas'.

Red and white polka dotted ribbon with silver snowflakes. (hard to see)

Thank you Target dollar section for my wrapping essentials this year!

Today I bought a table runner and rug for next year. Don't forget to snag after season sales! It's the best time to prepare for next year! Plus, it's like a present to get out your decorations and re-discover what you bought!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas next year

These are ideas I've stolen for festive attire around the next year. Pictures of what I managed this year coming soon.

Merriest of Tuesdays to you and yours.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cookie decorating

Last night we hung out with Sarah and Kyle. We really like them. Sadly, we had to schedule a month a head of time to hang out. How lame is that?! We're too busy. Anyway, Sarah made us dinner (yummy!) and had already baked the cookies so we could jump in. I haven't decorated cookies since I don't know when. I had a rough start. I was really only happy with the star and snowmen.

Just a suggestion for those rainy or cold days you want to stay inside! Icing and sprinkles people!

(In case you can't figure out what they are, upper left,....mitten, snowflake, candy cane, stocking, xmas tree, star, snowman w/ crooked smile and hairy eyebrows and joy in his heart, snowman with moustache and scarf.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Everybody's Fine

In case you've missed the commercials, Everybody's Fine is a movie that came out last weekend. Google it. Seriously. But more importantly, go see the movie. It is required watching if we are friends. It was very powerful on a personal level for both Carl and I in different ways and for different reasons.

After you see it, let's grab lunch and talk about it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

cliche t-give post

Thankful: /adj/: at peace, cheerful, comfortable, complacent, content, glad, gratified, pleased, satisfied, serene, beholden, content, contented, grateful, gratified, indebted, much obliged, obliged, overwhelmed, pleased, relieved, satisfied.

Sitting around the table in Oregon tonight eating turkey and fixin's it was time to take turns sharing what you're grateful for. I got a shout out from my husband and the in-laws. Woot! Here's what I said.

I'm "thankful" for my health even though it's not where I'd like it to be. I'm "thankful" that I've been able to assist with our business and that we enjoy it and still get along. :) I'm "thankful" that a year has brought progress and opportunities we weren't expecting. I'm "thankful" that our "hardships" are few and small.

I'm saying "thankful" because it seems like such an overused word at this time of year. Everyone just throws it around like they know what it means. I have no idea what it means. I hope I never confuse it with "privileged." I hope to be more careful to remember to be "thankful" for little things like warmth, shelter, food and people around me.

I'm also thankful for the little boy in this picture who happens to be my husband.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

just so you know...

...I'm going to see Emily in 23 days. 4 days in DC having some friend time.


PS, Ashley came and made-over my living rooms. Pics to come!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Naturopathic Medicine

Carl bought me a book last summer called Treating Epilepsy Naturally while he was in Portland just a month after my grand mal seizure last May. I was working through a lot of anger and confusion. You can read any blog circa May-November 2008 to see what I mean. Somewhere in the mix of moving and my mom getting me some books I thought that the book was silly and didn't think to read it.

When frantically grabbing some reading material for the plane ride to New Orleans last week, I saw the book in an unpacked tub (shocker) in my room. I thought, "why not" and threw it in my bag. I've read half the book. It made those feelings of anger reappear. I found out a HUGE load of information that could explain my seizures. I could have hypoglycemia, a vitamin deficiency or about 291238012948 other contributing factors to my epilepsy. Specifically, the type of seizures I have can be controlled in other ways and with little to no medication. I was ready to leave messages for any doctor willing to do tests and figure out how many and/or if I have any of these contributing factors that may be making me have seizures. It's incredibly interesting to find information that is helpful in explaining that my problem isn't rouge neurons in my brain. What news! It's also pretty frustrating. I was mad at myself for not picking up that book a year ago! I could have saved so much time and money! Arg!

I've made it over to one medication instead of two which is nice (and much cheaper!) The dose has been increased. I thought the increase in dose would control my seizures since it seemed to be making a big differences. Turns out it hasn't! I've had 3 different episodes of seizures in the last 2 weeks. GR! So you can imagine how this would fuel my frustrations when reading this book and how I may be going about treatment all wrong!

All this to say, I've gotten some information on some doctors, nutritionists, and made a list of tests I need to have in order to start putting some pieces of this new puzzle together. I'm excited to possibly turn my situation around. I'm also nervous to find out what other problems my body has and how I'll have to fix those first in order to fix the overarching issue of epilepsy. We will see.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The new housey!

Follow this link to my facebook page to see all the pics (plus some pictures from the amazing U2 concert last week.)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

plans for next year

Go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico. (photo cred)
And sleep in one of these cozy nooks.
(photo cred)
(photo cred)

Plans for tonight: The 3rd annual Zoch-McCullock pumpkin carving fall celebration! I need to redeem myself from last year. I had a terrible pumpkin.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love my friends and their silly sense of humor!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We have 2 extra tickets to U2's concert in Norman on SUNDAY. Let me know if you want them! $55/each. They are general admission field tickets.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

State Fair

There's nothing trashier or more entertaining than the State Fair.

There's also no other food that tastes so good yet does so much damage to your insides as funnel cake.

PS: Talk of the year = fried butter on a stick.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're in!

BLERRG. We're in the new house! It's official. We've made it through two nights here with loads of boxes everywhere and disorganized mayhem. Every other move, including my move from the dorm into Carl's house when we got married, was very organized, quick and easy for the most part. This move was just stupid. We found the house back in August right before we went to Chicago. Boom! Deposit and lease. Boom! Out of town for 3 weeks! Boom! MOVING! Yowzaaaah.

My usual self unpacks the whole house completely within 24 hours. But yet, here I sit in a crazy chaotic house (that now has internet!) with boxes and newspaper and little of this and that out all over the place. We finally got our clothes put away last night and we now have groceries and toilet paper. What else do we need right now?! Oh wait, maybe a clean and organized house. Sometime this week perhaps.

I can't wait to show pictures of the house! We love it so much!

PS, special arrival this week! Bauer, the 3 year old border college has graduated from "college" at my mom's house! (See...he's 21 in dog years and has been living at my mom's while we haven't been able to have him.) Once the house gets squared away, he'll move back home! Carl is outside his mind excited.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Real-life friends, blog friends, whoever reads this:

We're moving Sunday! Let me know if you'd like to earn some jewels for your crown. Food and beverages in exchange for your labor. Leave a comment or email me for more details.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

buisness or business? whatever. blog catch-up!

Lots of people make comments about Carl and I traveling so much. It's true. We do happen to travel a lot. Whatever word you'd like to use, "lucky" or "blessed" (ew...I don't like that one) or "fortunate." I don't like any of those actually. They all make it sound like somehow Carl and I were "chosen" to live a better life than others. Not true. We work hard. But we have figured out how to do what we love AND do it together. I would call that a major bonus that no financial bonus can beat. Carl's dad told Carl about 2 years ago, "Do what you love and find out how to get paid for it." We did! It's been an amazing journey so far and we're really really really glad we took the leap last year into full-time photography.

Here's the story:
Carl submitted his resignation from his position at our church on May 15th of last year to be effective August 15th. My seizure was on the 20th of May. Awesome timing right? Nothing like quitting your job, your wife having a medical emergency 5 days later, and then to find out your wife has a medical condition in the months following. Um, what?

Shortly after we got married (back in 2007) we had a rousing experience with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We moved out of our rent house and into a scary, skanky apartment. (Why did no one tell us how crappy it was?!?!) PS, I was sick the entire time we lived there. We lived on a tiny amount of money, we saved every penny we could and eventually moved to another apartment right behind the church. It was high-roller penthouse compared to where we were before. We were able to live just fine and still save lots of money. We were trying to build up our savings for a car to replace my blessed Toyota. We had a nice stash. Then...seizure! If you didn't know, medical bills tend to be spendy. (I know. Shocking.) Because we'd be so vigilant in saving, we were able to pay cash for every test, every doctor visit, every MRI, and my short 6 hour hospital stay. We know that's not always the case, but sure are glad we made sacrifices to save for the unknown.)

Of course everyone was asking what we were going to do. I couldn't drive. I couldn't work. Carl had quit the church. What were we going to do? Oh yea, the stock market crashed and the economy was "in a recession." We had many conversations in the weeks and months leading up to Carl's last day in August. We decided that we would stay firm with our decision. I believed in Carl's talent and ability and had a feeling that the more time he/we were able to put into the business the bigger it would get. Carl was a little more hesitant. Bless him. He had a lot riding on this business risk. We had set up goals for the 2009 "season" as far as bookings and different things he wanted to do/try. By late February he had reached his bookings goal. Turns out people still get married in a struggling economy. (It also helps that we happen to live in one of the top recession proof cities in the US.) :)

This year has been awesome. Our business has/is blowing up. Opportunities have landed in our laps (not literally...but how funny would that be?) to try new ventures and travel to shoot weddings, families and friends all over the place! We're very happy to have these opportunities now while we're child-less and have the ability to check the calendar and go. It's an amazing feeling to look back at the last year, see how far we've come in all aspects of our lives, and look ahead to the future. We know that not every self-employed/small business owner experiences such a fruitful first year of full-time business. We know that not every business starts off debt-free. We know that every "season" or year is different. We know that we could experience more health problems or who knows what else. For now, we're enjoying the ride and absorbing every drop of each experience we possibly can.

So...where am I going next? Well I'm actually sitting on the couch in Carl's parent's living room. He's shooting 2 weddings; one on the coast (at a lighthouse!) and the other on a vineyard outside Portland. So we're spending time with his Mom and family, 2 weddings, then we're headed up to Seattle to visit his Dad and family. We've been looking forward to this trip. Carl always loves a chance to go home. I don't blame him. The Northwest is a beautiful place with our favorite weather.

Coming Up: We're moving! (We have a tendency to do this a lot too...this our 5th place in 2.5 years.) I know! But this one is a keeper. I promise. We may even get to buy it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

i'll leave you with just a story

We made it to El Paso. Bunking here for the night, to Juarez in the morning to meet Sev. Holler!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO. I apparently bring bad travel juu juu. We are rushed through the check-in line they're telling us we've got to hurry. We have 5 bags (2 backpacks, 1 carry-on, diaper bag, 1 purse.) 3 people who can walk. Okay. Shoes off, laptops out, bags on the line, walk-thru, no problems, diaper bag out-*Ma'am, is this your bag? come with me. Awesome. Bag 2, my backpack, *Ma'am is this your bag? Is there a laptop in here? (Oh my word, I got out Monica's and totally forgot mine. I'm so sorry.) We have to re-run it. Not a problem, I understand. Bag 3, the carry-on. *Ma'am is this your bag? Are there speakers in here? (Yes, there is a portable DVD player. There's toys, trains, snacks...)Okay, we have to re-run it. SURE, no problem. (PS, CAN I HAVE MY SHOES YET?) ****Meanwhile: Monica's having every speck of baby food tested with the wand and scientific scanner while managing Simon in the baby backpack as well as Kalen who can't get his shoes on. ****Meanwhile, Cara is holding Monica's laptop, Monica's purse, my backpack, finally get the carry-on and grab my shoes. *BREATHE* Diaper bag is cleared, off to our gate. What's that you say? Gate 4? Oh the one at the VERY END OF THE TERMINAL? Sure. No problem.

In time for boarding, awesome. Oh wait. What's that? Oh, American Airlines doesn't do pre-boarding for parents with kids? Oh. Great. What group are we? 5? Oh. Okay. (***PS, our seats are all on different rows. That leaves a 4 year old to fend for himself. Not happenin'.) We get up to the gate attendant: "Um yes, we are all traveling together and have different seats. We'd like to see if we could somehow trade with someone so at least 2 of us could be together." AAlady: "You'll have to ask the flight attendant." Sure. Me: "Um yes, we are all traveling....sit together?" AAFA#1: "You'll have to speak to the attendant in the back." *What's that? You want me to walk all the way to the back of the plane with 2 children, 5 bags...? Sure. Monica gets in her seat with Simon and Kalen. I haul 3 bags to the rear of the plane. Me: Ma'am, I need some help. AAFA#2: Calm down ma'am. Me: (Thinking: I'm not worked up) Yes, I am traveling with a mother and her 2 kids. We all have different seats, I need one of them to be changed so that myself and the 4 year old can sit together. AAFA#2: Calm down. You'll need to find someone to switch with you. Me: *confused, okay? AAFA#2: You should find a place for your luggage before it gets filled up. And please move out of the way so others can pass you. (*I'M NOT EXAGGERATING!) Me: (very frustrated, carrying 3 bags, finds someone who will switch. I slam/cram my bag into the overhead compartment above Monica's row, grab Kalen and gets to our seat while graciously and sweetly saying "Thank You" to the dear man who switched me. We get our bags under the seats, get buckled, *BREATHE* *SWEATING BUCKETS* Here's the kicker..... AAFA#2: "You're Welcome" as she passes me on her way back from the "exits and air masks" routine. *Insert imaginative idea of what I was saying to myself and saying to her in my head.

Pilot: "Ladies and gentleman, due to some pretty strong thunderstorms we won't be able to depart from the gate. Air traffic control has grounded all planes to and from Dallas." Awesome! Great! We'd LOVE to sit here after being rushed! ...30minutes... "Ladies and Gentleman it's probably going to be about a 45 minute delay. Don't worry, all flights out of DFW have been delayed as well." Sure, I won't worry. Luckily, 15 minutes later he came on and we left. Only delayed an hour so we were only an hour late to El Paso. Our ride was here and we made it! Got to the grocery store and have been relaxing at the Border Initiative where my friend Gavin works. Some good 'ole mac and cheese and craft time before we winded it down and now we're going to bed.

Juarez tomorrow morning/early afternoon!!! It's really happening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello friends!

If you read 2 posts ago, you know that I'm headed to Mexico with my cousin and her boys to spend a week with her husband. It's going to be so great for them to be together and re-connect as a family. He'll finally get to meet his sweet baby Simon! It's going be an awesome trip to be a part of, but it's also going to be long and difficult. 11 days in Juarez with very few entertainment options will get old fast. Keeping a 4 year old and 6 month old entertained in a confined, strange place for those 11 days will be a challenge all its own.

All the money came in that we need! HUGE relief! Now we just have to pack and get across the border and come home safe and hopefully have a husband and daddy that will be coming home with us!

Pray for us. It's going to be a long journey! (Specifically, August 26th is the interview for Sev's immigrant visa. It's at 8:15am. That's what this whole trip is for! We're not expecting, but are hoping for a miracle!)

I'll update as technology and wireless internet allows. Juarez is no Cancun people!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Cubs lose. What else is new.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

break time!

I've been running hard since the middle/end of July trying to help get things organized for the upcoming Mexico trip. I think we've almost locking in our lodging and car. Why are you going to Mexico you say? I will tell you.

My cousin Monica's husband is stuck in Mexico due to an unjust immigration 3-year saga. If I had time to tell you and you had time to listen to all the horrible details and cracks involved in the system you would be a puddle of tears. He was here legally on a work visa and 6 months after he and Monica got married they tried to obtain his permanent citizenship. They were led astray by a woman who they thought was a lawyer. She wasn't and because she gave them wrong information, what was supposed to be a 3-6 month wait to get the problem corrected has turned into 3 years. That's the short version. ANYWAY, his Immigrant Visa interview is August 26th in Juarez. Monica and her 2 amazing boys haven't seen Severiano in 15 months. We are hoping to travel to Juarez to spend a week with him while he goes through the interview process. We're in the middle of trying to raise money and make the arrangements as if we're going. If we don't get the money, then we'll wait and see what happens. (So...if you want to give me some money, you just let me know. :) ) *PS, if you wanted to pray for us, that'd be much appreciated. Especially for Severiano and his interview.

So, where is this break coming from? We made arrangements back in the spring to visit our awesome friends, the Pickles, in Chicago where they've been living for the last 2 years. We leave Monday, our first long road trip alone together. I'm actually very excited. Carl most likely won't be getting much of a break. Poor guy is still catching up from this insane summer of weddings. BUT, here's some sun through the clouds... I get to go to my first Chicago CUBS game!!! It's a night game too, which are my favorite. I've been a fan since my freshman year of college. There's something about rooting for a team that's often the underdog in the league. Don't worry, they'll see their day. After all, the Red Sox broke their curse right? (Yes, in 2004.) Anyway, I'm very excited. The game's Wednesday. I have to live 3.5 days. I think I can do it. :) I think there's about 293819238 Quik Trip stops between here and Chicago so it that will be awesome too.

Don't forget! If you want to slip some $ in my pocket for the trip to Mexico, let me know. ( Please pray for us over the next 2-3 weeks as we make arrangements and then hopefully make the trip to Juarez! And...may the Cubs win.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh yea, school

Carl and I were at Office Depot yesterday for duh, office supplies. I thought of that part in You've Got Mail where Joe Fox says:

"Don't you love New York in the fall?
It makes me want to buy school supplies.
I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened
pencils if I knew your name and address."

I'll gladly send you readers my address. While looking at the supplies I reflected on how every Fall of college I looked forward to my new planner. Ahhhh...color coding my classes so I knew what was due in what class, SGA events, birthdays and whatever exciting break was coming up for school. Then I looked forward to #2 pencils and a fresh new college ruled 5 subject notebook. (5-star of course.) I miss it. I may just buy a notebook and carry it around with me for all those notes I need to take now that I'm graduated. Dang it. That would be stupid. I'll guess I'll just to go back to school then.


Yes, let's.

Oh wait, we are! Chicago in a few weeks; I'm headed to Mexico the next week with my cousin Monica and her boys to visit her husband (and hopefully bring him home!) and then Portland/Seattle after that for Carl to shoot 2 weddings on the Oregon coast, visit family and meet Carl's "Zoch" grandma. It's going to be insane. Good thing I love to travel. It also helps that my husband is awesome and let's me go with him. :)

PS: I am about 5 months behind in reading RealSimple. How did that happen? Maybe it was my subconscious so I have some reading material for these upcoming trips. Yowzers.

Monday, July 20, 2009

read it

My friends Dave and Janae started talking about this book they were reading about food. The more they talked, the more I got interested. I figured I'd give it a whirl. I've been trying to be more healthy this year. I'm trying to cut down my caffeine and increase colorful foods (aka fruits and veggies.) It's hard. This books has been so enlightening. It talks about the evolution of the food we eat and how it's gotten to where it is now. It's obviously depressing to read about all the horrible things that are in seemingly everything. Before this book, Janae had told me she had cut out all high fructose corn syrup. Do you know how long it takes to read labels at the grocery store? Even more, do you know how many things have high fructose corn syrup? It's also depressing. My beloved Miracle Whip, Crisco and even salsa have it! So, it's been hard to give up some things. He talks about cutting out all canned foods and as much frozen food as possible. That's hard! I still have a shelf full of cans. I will be eating them. I do have a freezer with frozen foods. I will be eating them. But once they're gone, the challenge will be how to replace them. This is most obviously going to mean more trips to the grocery store than the once a month I've been getting by with. It's kind of fun though to get creative with the new rules that Pollen has introduced thanks to reading his book.

You should read it. You don't have to make changes, but it is terribly interesting to learn where our food came from and where it does now. PS-You should make it a point to find your local Farmer's Market and buy from them. Better still, become a member of a food co-op. Carl and I got a membership for our wedding. I guess we should start using it now. :)

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. -Michael Pollan

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night was Emily's wedding. She's an amazing, beautiful and faithful friend of mine from college. She's from Michigan. We lived in a townhouse together senior year and it was fate. Only knowing her barely 2 school years, I asked her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. I knew that we would be friends for a very long time. She's one of those pause/unpause friends. Not a lot of maintenance required, you just pick up right where you left off. I love that.

Emily married Tyler. Tyler is so great. I met him just over a year ago when Emily was in town for a wedding. From our first handshake, I knew that he was the perfect fit for her. He is so gracious, caring and just an all-around great guy. I met Tyler's mom in March of '08. I spent time with she and her husband Lee during Nic and Jen's wedding in Michigan in November of '08. They are amazing parents. They have 2 great boys that have been raised by patient, guiding and steadfast people. Between Nic and Jen's wedding and our stay in DC back in January for the inauguration, I've been able to watch the way Tyler is with others but especially Emily. I've never seen someone love someone so obviously. Ugh, he's great.

So yesterday they got married. It was just a moving experience to be a participant in their day. I can't get over it and I can't adequately explain it. I got teary eyed seeing the anticipation on both of their faces and the happiness that both of their parents were exuding watching the ceremony. AH! It was great.

So that's all. I just had to get that out. I love it when people know how to love each other. I also love to be a part of it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

maybe I need this?

I think this is a must have for my backyard.

I think Carl will have to have this in our backyard. Really just because it has a firepit, but it's still a very cute and cozy place to be outside.

basically anything that is awesome hosts great ideas like the ones above.

I sat in our driveway tonight while Carl put his new kayak rack on the Element. It is way too hot and way too humid for June. The heat index at 5pm for Bethany was 108. Are you kidding me? I showered this morning people, must I really twice in one day?! All this to say, go outside!!! 8pm-10pm is ideal. You still get the last of the sun, but the lovely transition into night too. Also it's impossible to not find shade so that is always a plus.

I'm going to Michigan in just 2 days for Emily's wedding! I can't sleep at night I'm so excited.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

who says you can't when you're old?

I want a fort in my grown-up house!

Friday, June 5, 2009

oh dear me...

Etsy sellers. Just because you call it something different, doesn't mean it won't still be a fanny pack.

check it: hipster

check it: the hip pouch

check it: the hipshack (what kind of a name is that?)

check it: the hippie sac

check it: the hipster (again)

AND check it: the hip pocket.

This is just funny: For Sale: Rhinestone Cowgirl Black Denim Evening Bag. (There are so many contradictions and yet so many stereotypical words when in front of "evening bag" when talking about the cowgirls. Yikes.

teeth of wisdom

Well. They're gone as of 8am this morning. I'm waiting for the bleeding to stop so I can eat so I can take some much needed medicine. Eeeeeek! Not too bad yet. Much better than I expected. Good news: I get to catch up on some DVR shows and perhaps a movie or 2. I purchased lots of yummy soft things like jell-o (PS, they make OREO jell-o!) Holler. Perhaps I'll lose a few pounds.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i will be, but i'm not yet

I'm re-posting this that I found on a blog I stalk. I'm not 25 yet, but I can definitely identify with the points being made. You can read the full deal here and the parts I like down here....

I don't necessarily agree with all of the points, but I still like it.

"And now, for those of you who might have misplaced them, marching orders for everyone born before 1980.

1. Remember to write thank-you notes. If you do not know when a thank-you note is appropriate, consult an etiquette book — the older and more hidebound the book, the better. When in doubt, write one anyway; better to err on the side of formality. An email is not sufficient thanks for a physical gift. Purchase stationery and stamps, set aside five minutes, and express your gratitude in writing. Failure to do so implies that you don't care. This implication is a memorable one. Enough said.

2. Do not invite yourself to stay with friends when you travel anymore. Presumably you have a job, and the means to procure yourself a hotel. If so, do so. If not, stay home. Mentioning that you plan a visit to another city may lead to an invitation to stay with a friend or family member, which you may of course accept; assuming that "it's cool if you crash" is not. Wait for the invitation; if it is not forthcoming, this is what we call "a hint," and you should take it and make other arrangements.

3. Do not expect friends to help you move anymore. You may ask for help; you may not expect it, particularly if your move date is on a weekday. Your friends have jobs to go to, and you have accumulated a lot of heavy books by this point in your life. Hire a mover. If you cannot afford a mover, sell your books or put them in storage — or don't move, but one way or another, you will have to cope.

4. Develop a physical awareness of your surroundings. As children, we live in our own heads, bonking into things, gnawing on twigs, emitting random squawks because we don't know how to talk yet. Then, we enter nursery school. You, having graduated college or reached a similar age to that of the college graduate, need to learn to sense others and get out of their way. Walk single file. Don't blather loudly in public spaces. Give up your seat to those with disabilities or who are struggling with small children. Take your headphones off while interacting with clerks and passersby. Do not walk along and then stop suddenly. It is not just you on the street; account for that fact.

5. Be on time. The occasional public-transit snafu is forgivable, but consistent lateness is rude, annoying, and self-centered. If we didn't care when you showed up, we'd have said "any old time"; if we said seven, get there at seven or within fifteen minutes. Do not ditz that you "lost track of time" as though time somehow slipped its leash and ran into traffic. It shows a basic lack of respect for others; flakiness is not cute anymore, primarily because it never was. Buy a watch, wind it up, and wear it everywhere you go.

6. Have enough money. I do not mean "give up your scholarly dreams and join the world of corporate finance in order to keep up with the Joneses." I mean that you should not become that girl or boy who is always a few dollars short, can only cover exactly his or her meal but no tip, or "forgot" to go to the ATM. Go to the ATM first, don't order things you can't afford, and…

7. Know how to calculate the tip. Ten percent of the total; double it; done. You did not have to major in math to know how this works. You are not dumb, but your Barbie-math-is-hard flailing is agonizing and has outstayed its welcome. Ten percent times two. Learn it.

8. Do not share the crazy dream you had last night with anyone but your mental wellness professional. Nobody cares. People who starred in the dream may care, but confine your synopsis to ten words or fewer.

9. Learn to walk in heels. Gentlemen, you are at your leisure. Ladies: If you wear heels, know how to operate them. Clomping along and placing your foot down flat with each step gives the appearance of a ten-year-old playing dress-up, but a pair of heels is like a bicycle — you need momentum to stay up. Come down on the heel and carry forward through the toe, using your regular stride. If you feel wobbly, keep practicing, or get a pair that's better suited to your style of walking. It isn't a once-a-year prom thing anymore for a lot of you, so please learn to walk in them.

10. Have at least one good dress-up outfit. A dress code, or suggested attire on an invitation, is not an instrument of The Man. Own one nice dress, or one reasonable suit, or one sharp pair of pants and chic sweater — something you can clean up nice in for a wedding or a semi-formal dinner. You don't have to like it, but if the invitation requests it, put it on. Every night can't be poker night. Which reminds me…

11. Do as invitations ask you. Don't bring a guest when no such courtesy is extended. Don't blow off an RSVP; it means "please respond," and you should. "Regrets only" means you only answer if you can't come. If the party starts at eight, show up at eight — not at seven-thirty so you can go a "better" party later, not at eleven when dinner is cold. Eight. Cocktail parties allow for leeway, of course, but pay attention and read instructions; your host furnished the details for a reason.

12. Know how. Know how to drive. Know how to read a map. Know how to get around. Know how to change a tire, or whom to call if you can't manage it, or how to get to a phone if you don't have a cell phone. We will happily bail you out, until it becomes apparent that it's what you always need. The possibility of a fingernail breaking or a hairstyle becoming compromised is not grounds for purposeful helplessness.

13. Don't use your friends. It's soulless. It's also obvious. If the only reason you continue to associate with a person is to borrow his or her car, might I remind you that you have now turned 25 and may rent your own.

14. Have something to talk about besides college or your job. College is over. The war stories have their amusements, but not over and over and not at every gathering. Get a library card, go to the movies, participate in the world. Working is not living. Be interested so that you can be interesting.

15. Give and receive favors graciously. If you have agreed to do a favor, you may not 1) remind the favoree ceaselessly about how great a pain it is for you, or 2) half-ass it because the favoree "owes you." It is a favor; it is not required, and if you cannot do it, say so. If you can do it, pretend that nobody is watching, do it as best you can, and let that be the end of it. Conversely, if you ask for a favor and the askee cannot do it, do not get snappish. You can manage.

16. Drinking until you throw up is no longer properly a point of pride. It happens to the best of us, but be properly ashamed the next day; work on your tolerance, or eat something first, but amateur hour ended several years hence.

17. Have a real trash receptacle, real Kleenex, and, if you smoke, a real ashtray. No loose bags on the floor; no using a roll of toilet paper; no plates or empty soda cans. You are not a fierce warrior nomad of the Fratty Bubelatty tribe. Buy a wastebasket and grown-up paper products.

18. Universal quiet hours do in fact apply to you. They are, generally, as follows — midnight to six AM on weekdays, 2 AM to 8 AM on weekends. Mine is a fairly generous interpretation, by the by, so bass practice should conclude, not start, at ten PM. Understand also that just because nobody has complained directly to you does not mean that a complaint is not justified, or pending. Further, get your speakers off the floor. Yes, "now." Yes, a rug is still "the floor."

19. Take care of yourself. If you are sick, visit a doctor. If you are sad, visit a shrink or talk to a friend. If you are unhappy in love, break up. If you are fed up with how you look, buy a new shirt or stop eating cheese. If you have a problem, try to fix it. Many problems are knotty and need a lot of talking through, or time to resolve, but after a few months of all complaining and no fixing, those around you will begin to wonder if you don't enjoy the problems for the attention they bring you. Venting is fine; inertia coupled with pouting is not. Bored? Read a magazine. Mad at someone? Say so — to them. Change is hard; that's too bad. Effort counts. Make one. Your mommy's shift is over.

20. Rudeness is not a signifier of your importance. Rudeness is a signifier of itself, nothing more. We all have bad days; yours is not weightier than anyone else's, comparatively, and does not excuse displays of poor breeding. Be civil or be elsewhere. "

I think I'll round up from 24 to 25 and go ahead and embrace these suggestions now. You're welcome to as well.

Friday, May 29, 2009


please see how sweet my husband is. i love him.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


What a cute idea! Write your meals out for the week and keep track of what you're eating. Plus, who doesn't like doodling.

Someday I will have my own house and my own fridge that I can do whatever I want with. That will be an exciting day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I do not have near enough steady a hand to do latte art. But I wish I did, and I wish I liked coffee because I would get this giraffe latte every day. I absolutely love giraffes.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I had pancakes for dinner the other night.

I had french toast this morning.

Breakfast foods are really underrated. I wanted muffins or biscuits this morning. Sadly I forgot both in my grocery shopping escapade Monday.

Go eat some breakfast. I guarantee you'll be happy you did.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i don't want to lose my wisdom...

...but you can take my teeth. They hurt.

It's time. Now that I know the jaw pain and now ear pain is caused by these troublesome pests. They must leave.

P.S. Sleepless in Seattle is on TV. I love that movie so much.

P.S.S. Listen to The Rescues. Better yet, buy their album Crazy Ever After. It's totally worth it. (watch this)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

going on 4 years

In October it will be 4 years since I started boycotting Wal-Mart. You can read my previous post for the reasons why I've chosen to do so.

I'm not going to ask you to join me in my boycott. That's your decision. But I am asking you to watch the video below and consider this other viewpoint from actual Wal-Mart employees. The second video is Obama standing with union workers challenging Wal-Mart to make changes in their company that benefit their employees.

Walmart’s War on Workers | Walmart Workers for Change

Watch President Obama stand up for Walmart Workers | Walmart Workers for Change

Soapbox: over.

Monday, April 20, 2009

almost as frustrating

I will be 41 at the rate these stupid school loans are going.

More than that, if I didn't have to be on medication, didn't have COBRA, and didn't have any school loans....there would be an extra $1300 in our account.

How depressing.

If I was able to take the generic medicine, that alone would save us $225.

Erg, Arg, Ugh!

Obama, this is why you need to make healthcare better. The costs are outrageous.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

tweet tweet!

these are my kind of easter eggs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

yay yay yay

WHAT?! A life-sized doll house? This is dreamy for those of us who MUST re-arrange furniture or we just itch inside. Can I please have this? I would get such joy out of it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

my purchased treasures!

A vintage 1949 Kodak Reliant video camera with original case for Carl's collection of cameras.
Cheers dart board cabinet
$5 olive green blender!!! I used it this morning and it's glorious!
Canisters and spaghetti holder! These remind me of home and my grandma's.
I told you I loved yellow AND orange! This is actually an old school AVON bathroom set. Oh well! It looks lovely on my table.

I'm very happy with my treasures!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

okay, now it's just a dream list.

I need this in my living room.
And these to put my jackets on.
And this to sit on.
And this to shower behind.
And this to put on my floor.

Not necessarily in that order. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can't stop...I keep finding jewels!

Ashley, you need this pillow. Heck, I want it too.

And this lamp...stamped with doilies. What?!

I know this is small, but I had the idea of a tree decal with photos on it for a hallway...what a great family tree idea! I like this one.

I've always wanted a corner booth in my house.

I may have a very real crush on the color Orange.

All these jewels can be found below: (the kidlet bag, I would totally use...for the pool, for the airplane, for the car...for my room. :)