Monday, December 28, 2009

This year!

As promised, pictures of my decorations! This doesn't count some table decorations and the welcome Santa wreath on my front door, but it was a start!

I made this out of childhood pictures of Carl and I's Christmas'.

Red and white polka dotted ribbon with silver snowflakes. (hard to see)

Thank you Target dollar section for my wrapping essentials this year!

Today I bought a table runner and rug for next year. Don't forget to snag after season sales! It's the best time to prepare for next year! Plus, it's like a present to get out your decorations and re-discover what you bought!


amanda said...

love love love the christmas tree out of pictures, you are oh so clever!!!

Thompson Family said...

i might have to steal your christmas tree picture idea next year.

abby coyle photo said...

cuuuute! love the pic idea!!