Thursday, December 10, 2009

cookie decorating

Last night we hung out with Sarah and Kyle. We really like them. Sadly, we had to schedule a month a head of time to hang out. How lame is that?! We're too busy. Anyway, Sarah made us dinner (yummy!) and had already baked the cookies so we could jump in. I haven't decorated cookies since I don't know when. I had a rough start. I was really only happy with the star and snowmen.

Just a suggestion for those rainy or cold days you want to stay inside! Icing and sprinkles people!

(In case you can't figure out what they are, upper left,....mitten, snowflake, candy cane, stocking, xmas tree, star, snowman w/ crooked smile and hairy eyebrows and joy in his heart, snowman with moustache and scarf.)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

super cute!! AND YUMMY! :)