Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's happened

Well, it was inevitable. I just was so sure it would've been longer before it happened. I'm not near old enough for it to be here already, can I?

I'm talking about the cyclical motion the fashion world moves through. In middle school I was sure I would never wear jeans that didn't go over my shoes. Oops. Skinny jeans are my friend. Tonight, it happened. I saw them in Target.

What?! Shortalls and overalls are back!!! I wore overalls and a white shirt with blue sneakers 6 days a week my entire 6th grade year. I know now how frumpy and unflattering they are, but at the time I thought there was nothing better to wear.

I also saw a pair of floral patterned jeans in the girls section. I used to wear tons of floral shirts, turtlenecks and rompers back in the day.


Monday, December 20, 2010

new year efforts

I'll be adding (and hopefully not subtracting) from this list of goals for 2011!

1. Be nicer. (React slower, keep your mouth shut, be stingy with your opinions.)

2. Honk less. (Be a nicer driver in general.)

3. Volunteer at a local non-profit. Currently considering Infant Crisis Services, Citizens Caring for Children, and CASA.

4. Show my face and get to know students at Destiny Urban Academy on a regular basis. (I'm on the board of this school and have only visited the students once in almost a year. Not acceptable!)

5. Send more mail. I think I've sent a total of 5 cards this year. (Not counting xmas cards.) It's always fun to get mail!

6. Play some music on a semi-regular basis. (Meaning, an instrument. That guitar is collecting dust!)

7. Be vigilant about date nights with your husband. Pick a night and guard it like Fort Knox.

8. Get serious about your health! Stop watching Biggest Loser and start making changes!

9. Get involved on some level at church. Join a small group, go to a class or bible study. Dare I say Sunday School???

10. Take your friendships to the next level. (Remember special times (bdays, anniversaries) LISTEN, be thoughtful, and be REAL.)

11. Take more pictures of your life.

It's a place to start. When I add items or accomplish/"in-progress" items, I'll re-post the list. Who's with me?!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

move it

People. Get off your phone. You're not able to notice when the light turns green and it makes me upset at you. When I'm upset, I tend to honk. So when the light has been green for a good while and you still haven't moved, I will honk until you move. And I'm not sorry.



Friday, December 3, 2010


I haven't been sick in a long time. Especially stay-in-bed sick. I have had a fever for 2 days of 102. I haven't had a fever since I don't know when! I apparently got bronchitis overnight and it has a deathly grip on me. Ugh! After catching up on my shows which took all of 4 hours yesterday....I've been using Hulu and Netflix for all they're worth. Unfortunately, I can't remember anything I've seen! I'm on cough meds with codeine so I've been living in a cloud of sitting up, laying down, going pee, laying down, sitting up....you get it.

Here's a pic of my side-table.

I'm pathetic. My sweet husband is doing his best to take care of me. Even at 25, I still want my Mommy!

Well....that is all.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Out of every purchase, I return at least one item probably 75% of the time. Doesn't matter how long I tried it on for. The percentage goes up if the item was expensive or full price. I just almost always feel like I can get a better deal so I take it back.

Why is that? And can I get a witness???