Monday, October 31, 2011

Limbo and Music

Fact: My freshman year of college, I won limbo...on roller-skates. Yes I did.

2011 has pretty much been all about living in limbo. Another fact: I absolutely suck at living in limbo. I don't like too many unknowns floating out there. D-word life is all about the limbo. Stupid d-word life.

I've sold a bunch of stuff the past week and I'm co-hosting a garage sale this weekend for even more selling of stuff. It feels good. But at the same time, my house is getting empty. My walls are getting bare. The sound is getting echoey. I'm acting like I have a place to go and someone to go there with and I don't. Is this one of those horse before the cart things? Or leaping before looking? Whatever. I just keep going forward with the waves that seem to be drawing me toward the shore. All the while I'm wondering if I'm really in a rip tide or an undertow and I'm actually being carried back out to sea.

Have you heard the song "Restless" by Switchfoot? It's off their new "Vice Verses" album. It's as though Jon Foreman has been living in my soul. You should listen to it. It is exactly how I feel right now.

I've noticed the last 3 or 4 months that certain music has become more powerful to me. There are some amazing songwriters who have been through some serious pain. The reason I know that is because I have been through some serious pain. Their songs rattle to my core. They ring out in my bones. I've never had that kind of experience with music before. It has been beautiful and moving and sometimes creepy as I hear thoughts from my darkest time(s) articulated so beautifully by people I don't know. I'll try to remember to make a list of the songs I'm referring to. In the meantime, look up Restless.

I've got to stop staying up so late. Seriously. Bye.

Friday, October 28, 2011

This time last year...

... I was on a three week trip on the East Coast visiting friends and shooting weddings. Well, my former spouse was shooting the weddings. Reminiscing on some sweet memories of those visits. :)

Pictured below: Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, New Jersey, New York.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Memphis in pictures: Day 4 aka saddest day ever

Sunday. Last day. Headed home with full hearts and huge grins. We drove the extra 10 minutes to hit Mississippi and then came back to say goodbye to Memphis. I can't speak for Kristen, but I was genuinely sad to leave that city. We were pretty quiet as we made the trek across the awesome bridge over the Mississippi river into Arkansas. We sang some but spent most of our ride home talking about the trip, reflecting on this year, talking about our families and our dreams for the future. Great day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Memphis is pictures: Day 3

Civil Rights Museum. Memphis BBQ @ Rendezvous. Graceland. Sidewalk cafe with live music. Elvis statue. Ernestine & Hazels. Beale Street again. Fancy night out. Trolley ride. Celebration.

*Same as the last two posts. All from our phones. All by us. All edited in Instagram.

Memphis in pictures: Day 2

Beale Street. Lunch at Rum Boogie Cafe. Stranger #2. Sun Studios. Afternoon quiet time at a sidewalk cafe. Glamor Shots in a field. Three tries at eating dinner....but the food was worth the drama. Hotel cable and down comforters. Enjoy.

*all images taken by me or Kristen on my iPhone 3GS or Kristen's iPhone 4 and edited with Instagram.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memphis in pictures: Day 1

Open road. Little Rock. Strangers. Sites and sounds. Enjoy.

*All taken with my 3gs iPhone and edited with Instagram. (Except the 3rd from the bottom which was taken and edited by Kristen.