Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's been a while since...

...i talked about how much I don't like my job.

This time I'll just be complaining about the disconnect between what we call "the field" (actually doing the job of a child welfare worker) and training.

I have 2 days of training a month. By the end of June, I will have completed all the necessary trainings to reach Level II status which means a raise (a whole $2,000/year) and more trainings to reach Level III status. I've been doing the monthly training since November. What I've noticed is that the trainers tend to be employees of DHS for at least 15+ years. Most of the time it's more like 25+. They did the same job we did...about 20 years ago. So, I hope you can guess from that that things have changed over the years.

Okay, here's my issue. I sat on the back row (such a rebel) with 12 of my CORE buddies. Most of us have been doing our job 6-7 months now. Almost everything told to us by these trainers seems to be outdated, untrue, or different than has been told to us previously, or by those in our office (supervisors, etc.)and usually different than is practiced in offices today. SO...are these 2 day trainings really to my advantage? If I'm learning old methods and outdated material that no longer pertains to my job...aren't I wasting my time, gas, money?

The best part of today was sitting at Boomerang eating chicken fingers and cheese fries and complaining with my fellow co-workers about how much we hate this job. It didn't fix any of issues I have with my job, but I at least felt better knowing that I wasn't the only one.

Monday, February 11, 2008


March 1st we'll have a new home, lovingly entitled "the Dave Ramsey Penthouse Apartment."

Anyone needing to gain some community service hours or jewels for their heavenly crown, let us know. We love help.

Stop worrying. The carpet has been professionally cleaned (today in fact) and the pest control spraying is 10 days before we move in. What more could we ask for.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

whats up doc

So I went to the doctor this morning...and it turns out that I apparently actually am allergic to our apartment which is why I've been sick so long. After going over all my symptoms and home/work environments, my doctor said that there's most likely something in the apartment that has/is aggravating is has created a new allergy.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

tv movies and cold medicine

Welcome to any day in the last 2 months where I haven't had to work. It usually involves TV movies (which I include movies on TBS etc.) laying on the couch(es) and staying on top of taking my medicine. Well...I think my body's rejecting all forms of medicine because it's not making me any better, just makes me a different kind of sick. Like around Thanksgiving, Carl was sick with a regular cold. I got it upon our return home. That proceeded to turn into a bronchial infection or something with lots of coughing. So, then I got over the coughing (or so I thought) and now I have some sort of sinus infection or something and I can't breathe consistently out of my nose and therefore my mouth/throat are dry. I've been sleeping mediocre. Today I've been pretty much just laying and sleeping and watching TV. This is getting really old.

In other news, that 17 year old that ran away is doing really well. We traveled to Tulsa twice this week to check out a facility and he was admitted yesterday. To his dismay, he's really enjoying it and thinks me may complete the treatment plan after all. Hooray and Hallelujah! We've had some pretty serious conversations on the 2 road trips this week. I'm pretty knowledgeable about drugs and "street lingo" if you have any questions.

Another thing. All these home buying, flipping, fixing up your home shows are making me angry at the Dave Ramsey Apartment and the fact that we weren't "blessed" with instant wealth. (Sarcasm people...please laugh) But seriously, this girl that I work with just bought a 2008 H3. They moved into their 2,000 sf "starter home" last month that they were able to build. She got an iphone the day they came out. and then broke it and got another one. She wears "designer jeans" (whatever that means) and carries designer bags (s/a Fendi and Gucci) She already had a 2004 Acura with GPS and leather. But she said it was "getting old." Oh...she makes me laugh so hard. Especially when I ask if she wants to ride in the 1990 Toyota with automatic seatbelts and she says "It's okay, I'll drive." Hahahaha....