Saturday, July 24, 2010

what i'm thinking today

1) You can't have roots and wings.

2) Everyone has problems. Everyone. (No really. Everyone.)

3) Technology can become a tangly web. (As I type this on a piece of technology being sent over another form of technology to be read on another piece of technology.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I love:
-clean sheets on my bed.
-setting off fireworks!
-a clean house.
-dining al fresco.
-rainy/cloudy/cooler days.
-spending time with my husband.
-dinner at my mom's house.
-rearranging furniture.
-purging items from my house! (a whole car-full to the church/Goodwill/recycling bin!)
-putting old cd's on my computer and re-living high school and college through music.
-scheduling a sushi making class to do with my husband.

I hate:
-bauer escaping our backyard.
-driving around my neighborhood hanging out the window whistling and clapping like an idiot looking for said dog.
-my lovely neighbors setting off fireworks until 1am for several nights in a row. And this afternoon. (Why? It's the 6th of July!)
-car shopping. Seriously. I'm looking at every single car on the street in a new way.
-being a picky/particular person. (I can't help it!)
-looking for a new place to live. (I am not doing another year in this bug infested, backed up shower drain, dog hoodini backyard, outdoor laundry room, too big to keep up with, tiny kitchen of a house!)
-doing laundry. Especially in afor mentioned laundry room.
-working out.
-junk mail and organizing mail in general.

What do you love/hate?

Monday, July 5, 2010


So.....Netflix is awesome. I have been watching about 2 documentaries a day this weekend. I'd encourage you to do the free trial and watch a lot of documentaries. I'd highly recommend No Impact Man. Got me thinking about my consumption.

I watched:
King Corn
Deliver Us From Evil
No Impact Man
Stronger, Bigger, Faster

Now, it's time to find a car with A/C.