Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I love:
-clean sheets on my bed.
-setting off fireworks!
-a clean house.
-dining al fresco.
-rainy/cloudy/cooler days.
-spending time with my husband.
-dinner at my mom's house.
-rearranging furniture.
-purging items from my house! (a whole car-full to the church/Goodwill/recycling bin!)
-putting old cd's on my computer and re-living high school and college through music.
-scheduling a sushi making class to do with my husband.

I hate:
-bauer escaping our backyard.
-driving around my neighborhood hanging out the window whistling and clapping like an idiot looking for said dog.
-my lovely neighbors setting off fireworks until 1am for several nights in a row. And this afternoon. (Why? It's the 6th of July!)
-car shopping. Seriously. I'm looking at every single car on the street in a new way.
-being a picky/particular person. (I can't help it!)
-looking for a new place to live. (I am not doing another year in this bug infested, backed up shower drain, dog hoodini backyard, outdoor laundry room, too big to keep up with, tiny kitchen of a house!)
-doing laundry. Especially in afor mentioned laundry room.
-working out.
-junk mail and organizing mail in general.

What do you love/hate?


Michelle said...

Love/Hate...yes. http://michmeisner.blogspot.com/2010/07/lovehate-relationship.html

Laura said...

Come build a house next to me and be my neighbor!! :)

Mike said...

-Biking and running before the rest of the world wakes up, when it's quiet and all is well
-Reading until I fall asleep
-Giving and receiving random compliments
-Listening to new music or something I haven't heard in years
-Passing time with other people and no agenda or time constraints
-Sitting on a beach and listening
-Having laundry done, dishes clean, and a freshly-mowed lawn

-Actually DOING the laundry, WASHING the dishes, and MOWING the yard
-Assholes of every variety (this includes loudmouths, smarty-pantses, political blowhards and just generally mean and cruel people)
-Doing math with other people watching

Lindsay said...

the texture of linen
clean design
not being the normal that everyone expects
the smell of a new car

you got the blue-eye genes and not me
how linen wrinkles so bad
paperwork of all varieties
picking up after two boys

GrimLyn said...

Reading Blogs (I like reading yours, sorry I don't comment more)
Being outside
Staying up late
Researching things before I buy them (i.e. getting good deals on craigslist, etc.)
Saving money
Anything organic

Writing blogs (remember xanga, when everything seemed more private and all you did was go to school so it was easy? I was better at that)
Rain on the day of my outdoor wedding (although that didn't stop the photos from turning out great!)
Waking up before 9am and on weekends 10am
Scams on craigslist
buying fruit that goes bad in 3 days (what a waste; sometimes i can't eat 10 bananas in that time frame)
Trying to eat healthy while being married to someone who eats anything and still manages to lose weight on accident (hopefully I never weigh more than him)

Jamie said...

~my dog
~my pj's
~mexican food
~Friday's @ 4:00
~looking at people's vacation photos whether i know them or not
~home decorating magazines
~office supplies
~stationary/pretty paper
~saturday lunches with my sis

~when i let my house clutter up
~emptying and loading the dishwasher
~having to move my car out the garage to do laundry
~having my clean clothes fall on the garage floor when taking them out of the washing machine or dryer
~drain hair
~people's mentality that they're above following the rules
~public restrooms
~heat and humidity
~lack of travel experiences
~waking up at my get ready for work time on the weekends

theinsidecoop said...

I am too looking for a new car. Just got home from dealing with a car saleman in fact. NOT fun. The element that I dreamed of might come true since I totaled my car. Good/bad thing? I hate car shopping.