Sunday, September 28, 2008

celebrating life

Meet Spencer Green. He passed away one year ago today at the age of 24. He had been struggling with cancer since the age of 19. He was a friend to all, an inspiration to many, and a testimony to the grace of God. He is greatly missed, but is celebrated and remembered today. Spencer made his experience with cancer one that challenged himself and others to live your life and not waste time or opportunities. "Enjoy Every Sandwich" was a motto he lived by. One of my many favorite songs is below. My favorite part is the bridge where he talks about tasting a dream and hearing the call of wilder things. It has been my anthem the last year as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm tasting dreams and I know they don't involve copier machines, and I'm hearing the call of wilder things...I just haven't arrived at the dream or wilder thing yet. I hope you can relate to the song and maybe it will remind you to taste a dream or listen to the call of wilder things.


if this is all you ever knew, i could forgive you, if this is all you ever knew.
if this is all you ever saw, like an iceberg, that never got to thaw

i don't think i'd care too much
i don't think i'd mind one bit
if you never floated south to try to find your name

if this was all that you could be,
sitting here playing your video games on the tv
and if this is all that you could do,
with your perfect job, and your perfect raise
and your benefits too

i don't think i'd care too much
i don't think i'd mind one bit
if you never floated south to try to find your name

but i know that you have tasted a dream
and i know that it doesn't smell like a copier machine
and i know that you have heard the call of wilder things
i will never see

so i think you should go right now
you don't have to say goodbye
cause i could tell them that you went south to try to find your name.

i think you should go right now
you don't have to say goodbye
cause i could tell them that you went south to try to find your name.

i think you should go right now
you don't have to say goodbye
cause i could tell them that you went south to try and find your name.

-Spencer Green

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh Snap...

I was online today paying my last bill to the hospital (BOOYAH!), and to Real Simple so I continue to receive my beloved magazine. Then...I saw it. "Renew online at" Why have I not known about this life changing website for the last 4 months of captivity and exile??!?!?!?! Bless it, they are also starting REAL SIMPLE on TLC next month!!! A full hour of genius things I wish I'd thought of every Friday on my T.V. How great! You may not be able to find me for a while and it will be because I'm glued to either the .com or TLC.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yea, we figured it was time to move again. I mean, who doesn't want to establish 4 different residences in the first year and a 1/2 of marriage? So, Thomas (Carl's brother) has made some changes in colleges and needed a place to live. Working part-time his options of safety, cleanliness, and affordable places to live are extremely limited. So, being the gracious individuals we are, we said "Live with us!" So, after 4 days of searching, we found a rent house in Bethany with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a utility room (Bless it! No more laundry at my mom's!) a garage, a huge storage closet, a brand new refrigerator, tons of storage, a backyard with 2 storage buildings, and a cool front door! BOOYAH! So, we move in Oct. 1st. That's right, speedy packing express is here! As much as I hate packing, I enjoy unpacking. (Weird, I know.) And, I'm really excited to settle in and get stuff on the walls. Hopefully we get to paint and take down the mommy border in the kitchen and "rose room", so I'll have something to do! Hazaa!!!

Now, don't get too excited. There is retro brown carpet through the whole house...the exact same that's been in my Grammy's house since 1980! So, we're going to lean into the retro/vintage feeling and do our best to make it cool and not Granny. Hopefully it turns out alright! I'm dreaming of every color of furniture besides brown. (After all, our couch and chair are already brown.) Hopefully I stumble on some red, orange, yellow, and avocado wonders!!!

I hope we don't continue the moving trend we've started...I like change, but I'm getting tired of moving.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I spent the weekend at my Grammy's with my mom and aunt. I hadn't been there in a while which is embarrassing. It was so great! I didn't realize how many things I love/miss about her house. My g-parents live on a farm in SE Kansas in a little town called Independence. They live in a house that my grandpa built and where my mom and her siblings were raised. I have lots of memories of that house and the farm. I LOVE being there. It makes me want homemade ice cream, cherry and pumpkin pie, and 80's furniture. I want to visit the cabin, the old cemetery, take a walk around the hill or down the gravel road to the bridge...etc. I hope everyone has some memories of your grandparents house. I'm planning on making as many visits as possible in the near future.

What are your memories of your g-parents house?

Friday, September 5, 2008

hobby...but not lobby.

i need some hobbies people. i tried the painting thing...but only 4 weeks into my 16 week class i had 2 root canals and a seizure so i couldn't really finish the class. so, i have all these supplies and no idea what to do. i used to make mod podge (is that right???) stuff...but i had to leave it when we started sharing a house because it was "college." i would probably be happy in a house with a wall of cork and a wall that's that chalkboard paint. (*i copyright those ideas...if you steal them and do them before we have a house and i can do it, then i'll be moderately upset and still have it in my house, except better.)i think i kinda want to be a designer. i have all these pictures and articles from magazines of awesome ideas for a living space...but of course have no funds or space to do them thanks to the laws of apartments and school debt. but seriously, i do need some hobbies to consider...any ideas?

the parameters to these suggested hobbies need to involve limited physical activity since i'm still not up to my normal functioning, little money, and able to do alone or with someone else. okay, go!

Monday, September 1, 2008

every day is a holiday to me.

Vacation was nice...we didn't do much, which was the point. Happy Labor Day to you! While you're enjoying staying home or doing something cool because you don't have to work...I'll be doing the same thing I do every day which is have a day off from everything. So, enjoy my life today!