Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yea, we figured it was time to move again. I mean, who doesn't want to establish 4 different residences in the first year and a 1/2 of marriage? So, Thomas (Carl's brother) has made some changes in colleges and needed a place to live. Working part-time his options of safety, cleanliness, and affordable places to live are extremely limited. So, being the gracious individuals we are, we said "Live with us!" So, after 4 days of searching, we found a rent house in Bethany with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a utility room (Bless it! No more laundry at my mom's!) a garage, a huge storage closet, a brand new refrigerator, tons of storage, a backyard with 2 storage buildings, and a cool front door! BOOYAH! So, we move in Oct. 1st. That's right, speedy packing express is here! As much as I hate packing, I enjoy unpacking. (Weird, I know.) And, I'm really excited to settle in and get stuff on the walls. Hopefully we get to paint and take down the mommy border in the kitchen and "rose room", so I'll have something to do! Hazaa!!!

Now, don't get too excited. There is retro brown carpet through the whole house...the exact same that's been in my Grammy's house since 1980! So, we're going to lean into the retro/vintage feeling and do our best to make it cool and not Granny. Hopefully it turns out alright! I'm dreaming of every color of furniture besides brown. (After all, our couch and chair are already brown.) Hopefully I stumble on some red, orange, yellow, and avocado wonders!!!

I hope we don't continue the moving trend we've started...I like change, but I'm getting tired of moving.


hodgepodgemom said...

Good luck and have fun!

I like unpacking also. Something about being able to find the right place for everything. Well, that, and the fact that I am totally a clean/neat FREAK so I love the cleanliness and non-clutter of a brand new living space.

If it makes you feel any better, the house Matt and I live in now that we bought right after we were married 7 1/2 years ago is the 30th place I've lived in my 31 years! So I'm with you on the staying put for a while!

Laura Reese said...

Now it's my turn to stalk until I see some house photos!

Mags said...

Yesssssssssss, waiting on pics :)

How exciting!!! Agreed on the aggravation of moving, yet exhilirating feelings of order and cleanliness, and just plain decorating!

Loving the house we're renting now helps me be in a good spirit about moving forward (but moving once in 5 mos of marriage is good enough for us so far!)!

revbrunet said...

where in bethany?!? my house is near lake o, off council. maybe we'll live close enough to actually see each other again on a somewhat regular basis! :)