Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I spent the weekend at my Grammy's with my mom and aunt. I hadn't been there in a while which is embarrassing. It was so great! I didn't realize how many things I love/miss about her house. My g-parents live on a farm in SE Kansas in a little town called Independence. They live in a house that my grandpa built and where my mom and her siblings were raised. I have lots of memories of that house and the farm. I LOVE being there. It makes me want homemade ice cream, cherry and pumpkin pie, and 80's furniture. I want to visit the cabin, the old cemetery, take a walk around the hill or down the gravel road to the bridge...etc. I hope everyone has some memories of your grandparents house. I'm planning on making as many visits as possible in the near future.

What are your memories of your g-parents house?


live compassionately said...

Your grandparents are precious and that sounds like an awesome weekend! My favorite memory of my Grandma's house is laying on the floor with her coloring or watching her make a cherry pie for me. :)

Mike said...

My Grandparents live in a little town called Beverly Hills....FLORIDA! (And yes, it's down the highway from Hollywood...again, FLORIDA!)

I remember being amazed as a kid by the fact that, even though they lived in a suburban-type environment, they didn't have a fence around their backyard. They could just walk across the well-manicured, deep green grass into their neighbors' back doors. That might as well have been another country.

Grandpa was a woodworker before his eyesight started to go and he always had toys that he made for us kids. (I think I hid it well that his toys couldn't really hold a candle to Transformers and G.I. Joe. This is how I learned politeness.)

He also enjoyed learning new scientific concepts. He liked to read encyclopedias and would tell me about little bits of history he had learned in the years between visits.

I was always trying to figure out a way to get all of the adults out of the house so I could play the keys on Grandma's console piano. Whenever I went near that thing, mom would say "no, no." But Grandma would say, "It's ok if he wants to try it..."

Sadly, I don't get to see them much these days.

Grandpa also had a video game on his TV called pong.

J Campbell said...

i looked for you on facebook and myspace so I didn't have to comment on your blog not following the subject of your post. it just so happens...you have to be a member of the ABA (american bar association) to participate in official neg. competitions....UNOFFICIAL competitions though... I'll be back in OKC for about a month in Dec. I think we could arrange a night of good times centered around a neg. comp should you really want to....

grandparents... um... my dad and I play rook with his parents who live in Iowa. Grandpa always talks trash and always says he knows what trump is going to be when he only has one card of that color. Grandma never takes the bid. She has really bad circulation so she always rests her feet on my dad's legs. We drink root beer, or milk (grandpa), and eat homemade chocolate cake.

mj said...

hey guess what - i've actually BEEN to independence, KS! if your g-rents are nazarenes, then i know one of their former pastors/youth pastors. :)