Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's been a while since...

...i talked about how much I don't like my job.

This time I'll just be complaining about the disconnect between what we call "the field" (actually doing the job of a child welfare worker) and training.

I have 2 days of training a month. By the end of June, I will have completed all the necessary trainings to reach Level II status which means a raise (a whole $2,000/year) and more trainings to reach Level III status. I've been doing the monthly training since November. What I've noticed is that the trainers tend to be employees of DHS for at least 15+ years. Most of the time it's more like 25+. They did the same job we did...about 20 years ago. So, I hope you can guess from that that things have changed over the years.

Okay, here's my issue. I sat on the back row (such a rebel) with 12 of my CORE buddies. Most of us have been doing our job 6-7 months now. Almost everything told to us by these trainers seems to be outdated, untrue, or different than has been told to us previously, or by those in our office (supervisors, etc.)and usually different than is practiced in offices today. SO...are these 2 day trainings really to my advantage? If I'm learning old methods and outdated material that no longer pertains to my job...aren't I wasting my time, gas, money?

The best part of today was sitting at Boomerang eating chicken fingers and cheese fries and complaining with my fellow co-workers about how much we hate this job. It didn't fix any of issues I have with my job, but I at least felt better knowing that I wasn't the only one.

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Taylor Caraway said...

thanks for the comment. on a lighter note, i don't think boomerang's chicken fingers could be more delicious.