Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my michigan vacation

I leave Thursday. I'm so pumped to be off of work and out of the state for 4 days. I may even leave my work cell phone behind! Hazaaa!

I get to spend Thursday with Bennett on a plane flying to Detroit. Emily will pick us up and we'll drive an hour to Flint! We'll be there till Sunday morning early early early. Then, we'll load up Emily's Pontiac Grand Am and make our reunion tour road trip back to OKC. We're going to eat Mongolian Bar-B-Q and see the sights of all Michigan has to offer...again!

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Josh Lucas said...

OK so I JUST fell upon your blog...via kendra thompsons...I am freaking out that you didn't tell me you were gonna be in Michigan....

Are you visiting Emily?

Let me know!