Thursday, March 20, 2008

a baby is born...

yep. i got paid to watch a live birth today. my new case, a 14 year old girl who's in our custody, gave birth to a baby boy around lunch time. he's really cute, but he has the most vortex of a cone-head I've ever seen. maybe all babies do when they first come out but still. it was wicked cone-y.

the girl did great. she threw up off and on through the delivery which surprisingly was the only part of the birth that made me want to vomit. anyway, she did great. no complications, no tearing, no stitches, no nothing. this is a pretty sweet deal considering she is 4'11'', weighs about 100 pounds, and has very small hips.

now that i've seen a baby born, i'm even more okay sticking to the 6-8 year plan of Carl and I's to become parents.

well, so tomorrow i get to place her baby in custody and hopefully in the same foster home as hers. and i'll get to hold baby boy unknown!

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Mike said...

I don't believe I've ever heard something described as "wicked cone-y" before.