Monday, March 31, 2008

why i'll forever be a renter

Wouldn't a Monday night movie be lovely?

Part 1: Cara hits an unknown substance with her hydroplane flip-flops and falls to her knee only to drench her entire right leg jean from the knee down in said unknown substance. *skins knee. *my lovely husband gets Cara load of napkins to dry her jeans.

Part 2: 2 female moviegoers decide that in the entire theater, the seat they most covet is the one where my knee is healing, jeans are drying, and feet are resting. Don't think for one second that I didn't say "Seriously?!" in a not-so-movie-friendly voice.(*it's probably helpful that you know these 2 newcomers made the total count in the theater to a whopping 12. We proceeded to move 4 seats down to regain my footrest.

Part 3: Towards the end of the movie, in the heartfelt part when I'm on the verge of tears, some peeps behind us think this is a great time to make noise. I excused the noise as crying...but then realized it was muffled laughing and began to hate them.

Conclusion: We will continue to enjoy the Red Box and our living room.

It's also humorous to know that previously this evening...

-We froze on the patio at On the Border. (turns out it wasn't that warm after all)
-Carl got "the hand" from a saleslady at Helzburg Diamonds when she was looking us up in the computer so that my ring could be cleaned and checked.
-Cara got the speech about not having her Helzburg card from the saleslady. Cara tells the lady it was in her wallet when her wallet was stolen. Lady can't find our account and asks for help. Other lady helping us was about as exciting as my 16th birthday surprise party. (Not exciting.)
-Cara takes her wedding bands to Gordan's to have them cleaned and checked. Lady asks for the paperwork. I don't have it on me. Cara has to listen to second speech about how important it is to have your paperwork with you when your ring is being checked.


live compassionately said...

sounds like you had quite the evening. I HATE it when people talk all the way through the movie or make noise or choose to sit right next to me when there are about 800 other empty seats. Hope your knee feels better.

Josh McCullock Photography said...

this is why God invented blogs!

DG said...

Next time, casually mention that your anniversary is fast approaching and you're considering adding to your diamond collection in honor of said occasion. Oh, and by the way, do you mind cleaning my bands while I browse? That'll learn 'em.

mj said...

although it was not fun for you at the time, thanks for providing a humorous story to my day. :)


mj said...

by the way -

if you go to:

there's a link that says "get a free rental"

you have to enter your e-mail address (and probably get some junk e-mail), but they'll e-mail you a code for a free movie.

i got my code but i haven't tried to use it no promises. but hey - a penny / dollar saved... :)

Amanda said...

what's up with the lecturing? do they really think you're going to want to come by more jewelry from them if they lecture you? crazy people. and crazy people that sat right next to you in the theater when there are tons of empty seats-why do people do that?

jessy burton said...

i miss you.