Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"My Michigan"...though some deny it.

So, I was in Michigan March 6-9th. While it wasn't a nice change in weather (10-32 degrees!) it was a nice break from my job. I did pretty good at not checking my work phone either. (Yay me.) Pretty much all we did was eat, wear sweat pants, watch tv, and a little shopping. My shopping was at Forever 21 and Target. Now I know you're like "Target! We have those here moron!" Okay, but you have to understand that last year in Michigan was my glorious $7 jeans from Target and since I can't wear them right now, I was sure that Michigan was holding at least another pair of cheap jeans. (I was right! and 2 pairs at that!) The other shopping was watching Bennett drop some cash at Pottery Barn Outlet and The North Face Outlet. (I got a BOMB backpack for 60%off)

My favorite part of the trip was being with 2 friends that are capable of being what I call pause/unpause friends. They're the friends that when you're not together for a while, and then you get to spend some time together you just pick up where you left off. I absolutely love that I have these friends that don't freak out about stupid stuff.

For some reason, I was obsessed with facts about Michigan on this trip. "My Michigan" is the state song, but most Michiganders dispute it's authenticity as the state song. Michigan is basically a lot of towns with around 100,000-150,000 people about 20-30 minutes apart, with the exception of the capitol, Lansing. Michigan also has the most golf courses of any other place in the world
. This is interesting to me because Michigan is covered in snow for 1/2 the year. But trust me folks we drove by a ton. Residents of Michigan are referred to as "Michiganders." Detroit is the car capitol of the world. (duh) The world's largest manufacturer of magic supplies is in Michigan. Michigan has the world's only floating post office. At any place in Michigan, you are no more than 85 miles from a Great Lake.

I hope you feel smarter. I know I am.

Oh, and if you drive from Michigan to Oklahoma, you get to drive through 5 states in 15 hours. (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma) And you get to drive through towns like Brazil, Cuba, Paris, Teutopolis, and Effingham. Couscous is made in case you didn't know.

That's all. Michigan is cool. (pun intended)


mj said...

you did not just tell me that there is such a thing as a pottery barn outlet!

-monica (sister of jason / katie)

p.s. yes, sometimes i stalk your blog. :)

teri springer said...

Actually, it's officially "Michigainian" tho those of us born here before the government decree still call ourselves "Michiganders." (someone decided the later was sexist thus the change).

Oh, I got here from Ben's blog. I live in Michigan in the winter and Nova Scotia in the summer and love the tall ships....

What kind of work are you doing?? I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do when I grow up and I'm 50!