Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's happened

Well, it was inevitable. I just was so sure it would've been longer before it happened. I'm not near old enough for it to be here already, can I?

I'm talking about the cyclical motion the fashion world moves through. In middle school I was sure I would never wear jeans that didn't go over my shoes. Oops. Skinny jeans are my friend. Tonight, it happened. I saw them in Target.

What?! Shortalls and overalls are back!!! I wore overalls and a white shirt with blue sneakers 6 days a week my entire 6th grade year. I know now how frumpy and unflattering they are, but at the time I thought there was nothing better to wear.

I also saw a pair of floral patterned jeans in the girls section. I used to wear tons of floral shirts, turtlenecks and rompers back in the day.



wrecklessgirl said...

girl, i was TOTALLY noticing this too .. really? overalls? you mean, what i wore for my "senior pictures" in 1999? gross! arg. hmm. i rest my case.

Anonymous said...

i still have my overalls from the last time there were in style. vintage, baby! ;-)