Monday, April 20, 2009

almost as frustrating

I will be 41 at the rate these stupid school loans are going.

More than that, if I didn't have to be on medication, didn't have COBRA, and didn't have any school loans....there would be an extra $1300 in our account.

How depressing.

If I was able to take the generic medicine, that alone would save us $225.

Erg, Arg, Ugh!

Obama, this is why you need to make healthcare better. The costs are outrageous.


revbrunet said...

at my current rate, i'll be 63 years old by the time i pay off my student loans.

i pay $100 bucks a month for medical insurance and only save about $5 on my prescriptions, which incidentally cost $75/mo.

in the last three months, i've gotten multiple bills from doctors' visits which, apparently, are not covered by my insurance.

i feel your pain.

Jenna said...

sounds like the frustrations of my brother & his family. my sister-in-law has diabetes & she got really sick earlier this year.. & since she has type 1, no insurance company will cover her. so now she's left with a $30,000 hospital bill to pay out of pocket.

Tabby said...

My studen loans were out rageous too. Fortunately/Unfortunately, they went from deferment to default to collection, and my tax refund for the last three years paid them off this year. Blessings in disguise. :)