Monday, November 9, 2009

Naturopathic Medicine

Carl bought me a book last summer called Treating Epilepsy Naturally while he was in Portland just a month after my grand mal seizure last May. I was working through a lot of anger and confusion. You can read any blog circa May-November 2008 to see what I mean. Somewhere in the mix of moving and my mom getting me some books I thought that the book was silly and didn't think to read it.

When frantically grabbing some reading material for the plane ride to New Orleans last week, I saw the book in an unpacked tub (shocker) in my room. I thought, "why not" and threw it in my bag. I've read half the book. It made those feelings of anger reappear. I found out a HUGE load of information that could explain my seizures. I could have hypoglycemia, a vitamin deficiency or about 291238012948 other contributing factors to my epilepsy. Specifically, the type of seizures I have can be controlled in other ways and with little to no medication. I was ready to leave messages for any doctor willing to do tests and figure out how many and/or if I have any of these contributing factors that may be making me have seizures. It's incredibly interesting to find information that is helpful in explaining that my problem isn't rouge neurons in my brain. What news! It's also pretty frustrating. I was mad at myself for not picking up that book a year ago! I could have saved so much time and money! Arg!

I've made it over to one medication instead of two which is nice (and much cheaper!) The dose has been increased. I thought the increase in dose would control my seizures since it seemed to be making a big differences. Turns out it hasn't! I've had 3 different episodes of seizures in the last 2 weeks. GR! So you can imagine how this would fuel my frustrations when reading this book and how I may be going about treatment all wrong!

All this to say, I've gotten some information on some doctors, nutritionists, and made a list of tests I need to have in order to start putting some pieces of this new puzzle together. I'm excited to possibly turn my situation around. I'm also nervous to find out what other problems my body has and how I'll have to fix those first in order to fix the overarching issue of epilepsy. We will see.


J Campbell said...

That's intense- it seems pretty daunting but also pretty relieving especially if the medications you're on now aren't working anyway- nice to have some new potential solutions. I can't imagine the stress and frustration this has caused you. Especially with the episodes being random- you must be carrying around a small amount of stress at all times. I'm excited for you to get this figured out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,

I'm sure that finally reading this book is totally frustrating, but incredibly exciting as well. Here's to moving forward and getting to the root of it all! Sincerely, best of luck to you! I will be thinking about you!

abby coyle photo said...

Did you just find out you had epilepsy last year? I remember reading Carl's blog about it. It's fascinating how much natural things can help with your health. We are such a drug-driven society that it completely overshadows that fact. Best of luck to you in your research:)

Mike said...

I was talking to your husband the other morning and inadvertently denied this blog. I felt like Peter. Maybe a rooster crowed in the background.

He mentioned this post and I hadn't read it yet. I actually read it all the time. I promise!

I will be interested to hear how these experiments with other methods work.

Doctors are funny about natural remedies. Conspiracy? Only you can decide! :-)

Amanda said...

oh, i hope you can find a natural way to help your seizures! that would be amazing!