Sunday, June 21, 2009

maybe I need this?

I think this is a must have for my backyard.

I think Carl will have to have this in our backyard. Really just because it has a firepit, but it's still a very cute and cozy place to be outside.

basically anything that is awesome hosts great ideas like the ones above.

I sat in our driveway tonight while Carl put his new kayak rack on the Element. It is way too hot and way too humid for June. The heat index at 5pm for Bethany was 108. Are you kidding me? I showered this morning people, must I really twice in one day?! All this to say, go outside!!! 8pm-10pm is ideal. You still get the last of the sun, but the lovely transition into night too. Also it's impossible to not find shade so that is always a plus.

I'm going to Michigan in just 2 days for Emily's wedding! I can't sleep at night I'm so excited.


Jenn said...

i want both of those things and everything pictured at B.A.T.I.A.

Mags said...

OOOOOhhhh those do look like backyard musts! Sorry bout the muggy-ness. we got it here too, ick.

Amanda said...

i want that hammock.

Amanda said...

i want that hammock.