Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can't stop...I keep finding jewels!

Ashley, you need this pillow. Heck, I want it too.

And this lamp...stamped with doilies. What?!

I know this is small, but I had the idea of a tree decal with photos on it for a hallway...what a great family tree idea! I like this one.

I've always wanted a corner booth in my house.

I may have a very real crush on the color Orange.

All these jewels can be found below:
http://www.elsiemarley.com/ (the kidlet bag, I would totally use...for the pool, for the airplane, for the car...for my room. :)



Ashley Sue said...

bah! that's so ironic! while my mom was visiting last week, she made me a pillow that looks almost exactly like that. good eye, lady. you know me all too well.

as for everything else, let's do it. now.

Josh R. said...

Those chairs remind me of the project I am in the middle of for the back porch. I am so excited to eat outside this summer, and we are going to do it in style!

Josh R. said...

By the way, this is Laura, I was just signed in with Josh's account.

realolivegreen said...

AH! I'm trying to find patio furniture too! We love eating outside as well!

Laura Reese said...

We've set a $5 limit on each item and are hitting up thrift stores. I'm using leftover paint from different rooms to brighten them up. We still haven't found a table for $5 yet, but I haven't given up!

realolivegreen said...

sounds awesome!

Amanda said...

love the family tree thing! awesome! i guess i have a thing for trees...