Monday, March 30, 2009

my purchased treasures!

A vintage 1949 Kodak Reliant video camera with original case for Carl's collection of cameras.
Cheers dart board cabinet
$5 olive green blender!!! I used it this morning and it's glorious!
Canisters and spaghetti holder! These remind me of home and my grandma's.
I told you I loved yellow AND orange! This is actually an old school AVON bathroom set. Oh well! It looks lovely on my table.

I'm very happy with my treasures!


Team Honnoll said...

You hit the jack pot!

The Pybs said...

Well done, Indeed!!

Thompson Family said...

these are all fab. so, i was at the goodwill on council and expressway and i saw a fabulous green chair for $20 bucks that would fit into your decor. i would have purchased it, but i'm not allowed to buy anymore furniture until i finish painting the rest of our house! ha!

realolivegreen said...

OH MY WORD! when did you see it! i'm going today. OH WOW!