Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yes, let's.

Oh wait, we are! Chicago in a few weeks; I'm headed to Mexico the next week with my cousin Monica and her boys to visit her husband (and hopefully bring him home!) and then Portland/Seattle after that for Carl to shoot 2 weddings on the Oregon coast, visit family and meet Carl's "Zoch" grandma. It's going to be insane. Good thing I love to travel. It also helps that my husband is awesome and let's me go with him. :)

PS: I am about 5 months behind in reading RealSimple. How did that happen? Maybe it was my subconscious so I have some reading material for these upcoming trips. Yowzers.

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Jen said...

Can you squeeze in a trip to Cali?!! Come on - you know you want to! :)