Saturday, August 8, 2009

break time!

I've been running hard since the middle/end of July trying to help get things organized for the upcoming Mexico trip. I think we've almost locking in our lodging and car. Why are you going to Mexico you say? I will tell you.

My cousin Monica's husband is stuck in Mexico due to an unjust immigration 3-year saga. If I had time to tell you and you had time to listen to all the horrible details and cracks involved in the system you would be a puddle of tears. He was here legally on a work visa and 6 months after he and Monica got married they tried to obtain his permanent citizenship. They were led astray by a woman who they thought was a lawyer. She wasn't and because she gave them wrong information, what was supposed to be a 3-6 month wait to get the problem corrected has turned into 3 years. That's the short version. ANYWAY, his Immigrant Visa interview is August 26th in Juarez. Monica and her 2 amazing boys haven't seen Severiano in 15 months. We are hoping to travel to Juarez to spend a week with him while he goes through the interview process. We're in the middle of trying to raise money and make the arrangements as if we're going. If we don't get the money, then we'll wait and see what happens. (So...if you want to give me some money, you just let me know. :) ) *PS, if you wanted to pray for us, that'd be much appreciated. Especially for Severiano and his interview.

So, where is this break coming from? We made arrangements back in the spring to visit our awesome friends, the Pickles, in Chicago where they've been living for the last 2 years. We leave Monday, our first long road trip alone together. I'm actually very excited. Carl most likely won't be getting much of a break. Poor guy is still catching up from this insane summer of weddings. BUT, here's some sun through the clouds... I get to go to my first Chicago CUBS game!!! It's a night game too, which are my favorite. I've been a fan since my freshman year of college. There's something about rooting for a team that's often the underdog in the league. Don't worry, they'll see their day. After all, the Red Sox broke their curse right? (Yes, in 2004.) Anyway, I'm very excited. The game's Wednesday. I have to live 3.5 days. I think I can do it. :) I think there's about 293819238 Quik Trip stops between here and Chicago so it that will be awesome too.

Don't forget! If you want to slip some $ in my pocket for the trip to Mexico, let me know. ( Please pray for us over the next 2-3 weeks as we make arrangements and then hopefully make the trip to Juarez! And...may the Cubs win.

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Julie said...

Go Cubs Go!
I'll be praying for you guys and your trip to Mexico.