Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're in!

BLERRG. We're in the new house! It's official. We've made it through two nights here with loads of boxes everywhere and disorganized mayhem. Every other move, including my move from the dorm into Carl's house when we got married, was very organized, quick and easy for the most part. This move was just stupid. We found the house back in August right before we went to Chicago. Boom! Deposit and lease. Boom! Out of town for 3 weeks! Boom! MOVING! Yowzaaaah.

My usual self unpacks the whole house completely within 24 hours. But yet, here I sit in a crazy chaotic house (that now has internet!) with boxes and newspaper and little of this and that out all over the place. We finally got our clothes put away last night and we now have groceries and toilet paper. What else do we need right now?! Oh wait, maybe a clean and organized house. Sometime this week perhaps.

I can't wait to show pictures of the house! We love it so much!

PS, special arrival this week! Bauer, the 3 year old border college has graduated from "college" at my mom's house! (See...he's 21 in dog years and has been living at my mom's while we haven't been able to have him.) Once the house gets squared away, he'll move back home! Carl is outside his mind excited.


Kelly said...

yaaay i CAN'T wait to see pics of the house and yay for a sweet doggie!!! :)

abby coyle photo said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new place! I bet it's adorable:)