Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what you're missing

Obviously, all but one of you haven't taken my advice about Flipping Out because I haven't been receiving any hilarious quotes from anyone. Come on people! Here's a taste of what you've been missing from Jeff Lewis.

"I think your birthday is conflicting with my schedule...can't we just postpone it a week?" -Jeff

"What I'm concerned about is her learning the law and her rights...and Zoila's becoming dangerous." -Jeff

"Are you no bite me Jeff?"-Zoila

"I look so ugly! Thank you so much! It's so ugly." -Zoila

"We're yelling at each other, we're screaming, we're firing....I think that's what a work environment should be." -Jeff

"I think that was an over-reaction on Jeff's part. As an employer I think he overreacts to try to strike fear into the hearts of his employees." -Chris Elwood

"Rather than make that personal phone call, he could've pulled over and written that *beep* down. " -Jeff

"And what about the voice changer, like just for fun, how much is that?"-Jeff

Set your DVR's now for next week's episode. Tuesday, 9pm, Bravo.


Josh McCullock Photography said...

I'm convinced, DVR is set.
You have redefined the term televangelist.

Maggie said...

well, I'll have to investigate where I can stream this :) (yes, we have yet again not caved into paying for cable... so I'm letting you watch our TV and we have only managed to keep up on house and weeds).