Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have like 14 posts in my many things that I want to blog about. Here's just an overview.

i've been thinking about fences and why we have them and the difference between chain link and wood plank fences...And then I saw this amazing episode of Anthony Bourdain in Laos and he sits down with a man who's lost his leg and arm to mines that are still in Laos from the Vietnam war,close to 3.5 million are still unaccounted for...and then I've been thinking about the irony of Shannon's blog regarding the G8 conference and the 6 & 8 course meals served to those in attendance while talking about world hunger and poverty....the most recent episode of "30 Days" where Morgan Spurlock spent (duh) 30 days on an Navaho Indian reservation and the injustice that the government is doing to them...

ps-I felt really good yesterday. (Not so much today, but still)

pss-day 5 with no focal motor seizures (May my new meds really are bomb!)


live compassionately said...

Hooray for feeling good and hooray for a 5 day streak! Is that a record? :)

Amanda said...

so good to see you guys last night!!!

Josh McCullock Photography said...

ps, a brief summary of your blog ideas doesn't qualify, blog those suckers!

pss, still no place to watch Flipping Out online! I'm too busy to leave my office and watch the television.