Tuesday, July 29, 2008

you CAN put a price on education

Dave Ramsey, thanks for not accepting us into your college debt program because we didn't have enough debt. Here's what we're facing as a result if we can't pay Sallie Mae a penny more than we do every month.

The year will be 2027.
Carl will be 43.
I will be 42.

$53,816.40 (Carl's total paid) Original loan(s) in the neighborhood of $29,000.
$46,884.92 (My total paid) Original loan(s) in the neighborhood of $25,000.

$100,701.32 The amount that Sallie Mae will have stolen from us in principal and interest.

That's a house.

Love you private education.


Josh McCullock Photography said...

i try not to think about it.

Josh McCullock Photography said...

they should publish something like that at NSI, wait that would be dumb.

Laura Reese said...

Technically, the principal part isn't stealing. Unless SNU wasn't actually worth that much...

Josh R. said...

You should do what I did- get SNU to pay for everything, and make tuition higher for everyone else.

Jeff said...

I suggest simultaneously blowing up all the buildings that hold any information about your financial records. I saw that in a movie once. I think it was called umm... Fight Club. At the least you could shave your heads and roll a big giant marble through the fountain.

thatsilverlining said...

ugh, i am getting ready to start paying my loans. how depressing.