Wednesday, July 2, 2008


There is no point to a DVR if you're home to actually watch your shows in real time. People, I'm running low on energy. The television is all I have. I look forward to my shows, okay? Right now i have to wait 8 more minutes until "Shear Genius" starts...which the DVR is set to record but I have nothing else to do so I might as well watch right?

Cox Communications: You owe me $5.

Oh, and another show you should check out (if i haven't mentioned it yet) Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. It's on the Travel Channel at various times on most every day of the week. Where can I apply for his job? Travel (check), Eat, (check), Critique, (check), all while my TV crew follows me...yea, I could do that.


Josh McCullock Photography said...

please tell me you've kept up with "Groomer Has It"
It's a dog grooming reality show. Unbelievable.

Maggie said...

Are you patient/able to fast forward through commercials, or do they keep you entertained also? :)

realolivegreen said...

Josh....seriously? Do you know me at allllll?

(in case you don't) No I don't watch that show!

Maggie- it depends on how desperate I am for a show. If I can entertain myself for 15 minutes with another show so I can start at least a little late, then I'll do that so I can fast forward, if not, I'll take the commercials.