Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome = Awesome

So I must have picked up telepathy or something because Dr. New Guy is AWESOME!

I saw him this morning. His office is BOMB. No nurse here, he himself called me from the waiting room. How COOL! We passed his SIGNED Chicago Cubs baseball poster and I knew it was fate. He spent 45 minutes doing an evaluation and talking with me about what's been going on. He even READ my packet and looked at my test results. What a knight!

So, he ordered an MRI with contrast to see if my brain blood vessels are causing the problem on my right side. He changed my meds so I'll be transitioning to Topomax from Keppra over the next month. Finally! Love you Dr. New Awesome Guy!

MRI Wednesday at 1:45pm.
New Meds.
Come back August 4th.



Josh McCullock Photography said...

right on!

Maggie said...

Ahhhh, finally! That is SO cool. Such great news, glad you found him and he already seems impressive just from actually doing something about the meds and more than meds!

Amanda said...

i'm so excited for you! finally what you needed!

Team Honnoll said...