Wednesday, June 4, 2008

test results: (drumroll)

Well in a less than 3 minute conversation with my Neurologist, he told me that the EEG and MRI showed my brain to be normal and showed no abnormal activity. SO! I'll be maintaining my medication until July 7th when I go back for a re-evaluation with the Neurologist.

This was a pretty frustrating phone call for many reasons but mainly because we didn't get much information and have to move forward hoping that we don't have to go through this again. I'll be meeting with my Supervisor probably next week sometime to talk about the future of my job. Hopefully we'll reach a happy medium on what my job will need to look like in order for me to continue and the timeline for when that will be.

I'm still settling into the medication which could take up to a month for me to adjust. Thanks so much for your prayers and we continue to covet them as the future is just as uncertain and we are continuing to make adjustments to this "new normal."


Mike said...

No odd results is kind of frustrating, I'll bet.

But take heart. You will never, no matter how hard you try, EVER be "normal." :-P

Amanda said...

i guess it's kind of good and bad news-good that there wasn't anything there and bad b/c you have no idea why your seizure happened! we're praying for you! love you girl!

live compassionately said...

I'm with Amanda - I'm glad there is nothing major going on but at the same time I wonder what caused the seizure in the first place. Still praying for you and know that I am willing to come by with Shimmers anytime. :)