Sunday, June 22, 2008

no fun anymore

What's not fun:
-being driven everywhere
-sitting/laying/lounging on the couch
-having involuntary movements on my right side
-waiting for the doctor to call
-people only asking me "how are you doing/feeling?" and wanting to say "next question"
-the Red Box
-being tired
-flip flops, sweat pants, and t-shirts
-neighbor lady moving out and being really loud about it

What is fun:
-the Olympic Trials
-seeing my husband all the time
-critiquing television shows like I'm a really important person
-i found newspaper today so I can start painting again

What's your favorite color?


Maggie said...

Blue - the serene type, and green second (as if this wasn't obvious in my wedding scheme). NOT PINK.

What is wrong with flip flops!??!? I think the couch has made you insane on that one - cheap, comfy, easy to put on, easy to replace when eaten by furbabies!

Oh, and I can watch army wives on the lifetime website, SO cool!

realolivegreen said...

My issue's not so much with flip flops individually, but they're all I can wear these days with my lack of coordination and it gets a little boring not being able to mix it up...I'm a fan of your second fav. color. And i'm an even bigger fan that you don't like pink. Seriously...are you sure we've never met?

Kendra Thomson said...

I didn't see "Flair" listed under "What is Fun." Disappointing. Embrace the flair!

Carl Zoch Photography said...

orange today, weird I know :)

live compassionately said...

Haha well it really is pink but I love bright colors in general. I'm also a big fan of the combo of sage green, turquoise blue, and brown.

Team Honnoll said...

Green... but blue is a close second.
Your situation is serious if the Red Box is no longer fun... one dollar movies?? hellO!
Do you need any food this week? or perhaps paint supplies?

SEWvandervort said...

green all the way!

realolivegreen said...

Today I'm feeling like tuscan yellow is my fav.

Honnolls-no supplies or food this week. but we'll let you know if we need any in the future...dealio?

remnants for tomorrow said...
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Team Honnoll said...

No problem!