Thursday, June 5, 2008

more updates

Well, last night I had 2 focal motor seizures which are simple partial seizures with localized motor activity. Basically, my right arm moves about freely for 10-15 seconds without my control. This is not new...I've experienced it for 10-12 years of my life but didn't know it was a type of seizure. We discovered it was in the ER when I explained what had happened over the course of my life and the doctor said "that's a type of seizure." Cool. So, my medication was supposed to take it down from 90% to 5%. Well apparently I'm part of the 5%. I spoke with my Neurologist again this morning and he's having me take an additional dose to see if that helps. He stated I could move up to as much as 1000mg/ 3x a day. Right now I'm at 500mg/3x a day.

In other news, I meet with my supervisor and others on Monday at 3pm to figure out my work situation. Please pray that this will go smoothly and they will be super understanding of our situation and willing to be flexible while we get these seizures under control. Carl will be going with me.

Keep us in your thoughts. Each day has brought a new challenge and we are getting weary. We love you and appreciate your care and grace to us.


thatsilverlining said...

well, i guess at least you are having small seizures instead of big ones. you and carl are still in my prayers. love you, cuz.

Amanda said...


Jen said...

Thanks for keeping everyone updated! Zach and I have been keeping you and Carl in our thoughts!

Mike said...

Fight the good fight.

jessy burton said...

2 things:

i miss your personality.
go get a tattoo.