Monday, June 2, 2008

Bummer in the Summer. Literally.

OETA is public television's best shot at the Discovery Channel. Except it sure repeats a lot. And it has Reading Rainbow instead of Deadliest Catch.

I look forward to the summer so that my skin can soak up the sun...except that I have so little energy that by the time I put my swimsuit on, I need a nap. So I tried that lotion that fools people. Well it's made me nauseous all morning. bomb husband is picking me up for a field trip to our apartment so I can watch cable tv for the afternoon. Yesssssss!

No test results yet...still waiting for my phone to ring.


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sybil said...

I am praying for you Cara. I hope you start getting your strength back so you can do some of the things you love. But that is really funny about the lotion. but i know what you mean, I love being tan. but no one really tans in beds here and I have no time to lay out. bummer.