Thursday, June 19, 2008

It must not be hard to get a medical license...

Well...we're done with my current Neurologist. I will be on the phone in the AM begging for my second opinion to be moved up to ASAP. Carl and I went with our guns loaded, complete with my full medical history, a seizure diary from the last 5 weeks, an evaluation from the Keppra website regarding my side effects and reaction to the meds, a calendar detailing how I've felt and all medication I've taken in the last 5 weeks, a form from my employer for him to sign...amounting to about 12-15 pages. 45 minutes after our scheduled appointment, we finally got called. My blood pressure was 110/70, my heart rate was 100 (i know...I was nervous.) Doctor comes in and sits down and says "So how have you been doing since I saw you last?" And I'm kind of shocked because I've called him twice, I requested my appointment be moved up because I've been having more frequent partial seizures, do you not remember any of this?! So we start explaining what it's been like and acts like he didn't know any of the information...which I had already told him! I talk about my right side being affected and the side effects and I keep referring to the diary I've kept of symptoms and what's happened when and he doesn't look at even one page. He asks me if I've had stress as a child or trauma, I say no, he asks if I've ever seen a counselor before, I say yes, I describe when, he starts interrogating me about why I sought a counselor. I stated because it was free in college and I was encouraged to participate in it, and I developed a friendship with my counselor and it progressed over 3 years. He kept asking what problem/issue I had to start going. And I said I didn't and he would not believe that I went to counseling for no problematic reason. I stated "well that's your opinion and I don't agree." and he answered "that's everyone's opinion." WHAAAAAAAT?!!?! So somehow, we get around to him recommending that I have psychological testing because my "episodes" could be "conversion" which is where a person internalizes problems/issues and it manifests itself in physical reactions or outbursts. I think it is pretty ridiculous for everything I have and am experiencing to be chalked up to psychological issues. So in the beginning of the appointment I was having seizures...and by the end, I have psychological issues. So, when checking out we requested my medical records and requested my further testing be held off for at least 2 weeks so that I can get a second opinion.

I have never felt so illegitimate, so offended, so overlooked, and overwhelmed that a medical professional...who's specialty is people's brains...could treat me, a patient, with such disrespect and show no concern for the fact that my right side feels dead and out of control.

So, I'll be calling my other Neuro in the AM to move up my appointment. Luckily I kept copies of everything I gave the doc so I can pass it on to someone who will READ IT, and hopefully we'll get some answers to this nonsense! We are super frustrated and disappointed that today didn't go better.


live compassionately said...

I am definitely with you - that is ridiculous. I don't think there is any reason in this world to believe you are having psychological issues that are causing you to have seizures. That's just a cop out answer if you want my opinion. I'm sorry things are so frustrating - I hope your other doctor can give you some better answers!

Kendra Thomson said...

dang, dang, dang.

The bad news - sounds like you have an idiot for a doc.

the good news - you already have the name of a new, referred doc & you are the QUEEN of documentation, so your new doc will be able to get up-to-speed quickly and won't have to start from zero.

Bottom line, I'm sorry that you are having to go through all this. It stinks on so many levels.

praying for you
praying for Carl
praying that your new doc will be awesome
praying you'll be able to move up your appointment
praying you will be able to get some peaceful rest in the meantime
praying you have some answers soon!

Loving you & wishing I had something more helpful to say, do, offer. For now - there is lots of prayer.

Maggie said...

Oh what an asshole. I hate the medical field. It is sooooo messed up. Can you afford to trip to NY or Duke for a 3rd opinion? :)

If it helps, it's taken me 5 docs to find a good PCOS one - okay maybe that doesn't help, but now I'm set and he does give a shit about my thoroughly somewhat insane documentation (and I request and scan ALL my records just so nobody can screw me).

You'll find the right one, and the right one should have many, many answers that are legit. what fluff. everyone on this planet has psychological issues by being human.... I think you or Carl would know if you had trauma or some shit to be inducing seizures! I want to strangle him for you. and especially his ears since he clearly can't hear you.

Josh McCullock Photography said...

Geez, what an a-hole!
Good thing you didn't tell his name, I'd be tempted to send him a nasty email. I totally would if you want me to, I just saw the Incredible Hulk last night so I'm in a very aggressive mood!

I'm sorry he sucks and hoping answers will come very soon!

Amanda said...

i second all the other comments. geez! these guys are supposed to be the really smart ones. let me know if you need the name of my grandma's doctor.

Team Honnoll said...
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Team Honnoll said...

omg, cara! this sounds absolutely ridiculous. i'm glad that you said PEACE OUT to dr. lame... he is the one with psychological issues and needs to evaluate himself.
thanks for keeping us updated. this really sucks big time.