Monday, December 1, 2008


I really enjoy grocery shopping. I don't really know why...maybe because I love food. Maybe because I get a freakish joy out of deals and figuring out if it's cheaper to the family size or 2 of the regular.

Maybe it's also because I love the music played in grocery stores. It makes me dance. And lip sync.

I also like talking to my checker. Probably because when I was little my mom let us put away the groceries and we always pretended to be a checker before putting everything away.

I also enjoy putting everything away. It's like an organizing puzzle that I like figuring out.

I'm weird.


Mike said...

I have had the same thoughts.

One other cool thing about cooking more and being a little adventurous with your cuisine is searching at the store for ingredients that you've never heard of. The checkers also tend to look at you weird when you buy strange items too.

I try to be nice to the checkers. I can't imagine listening to that infernal beeping for eight hours straight. I'll bet some actual human interaction breaks up the monotony for them.

Mags said...

Maybe you could hire yourself out to shop for your neighbors? :) That should bring a lot of smiles to you and them!

Sadly Jake and I have come to the realization that grocery shopping anywhere or anytime outside of past 9pm at Harris Teeter just makes us mad because we don't know where stuff is and there's too many people in the way! Then we're stuck with self checking and self bagging - but I bag oddly and put stuff together the hubby just doesn't get - but it makes it cake when we get home :)

Team Honnoll said...

I used to pretend to be a cashier too, only I would call myself a "cash register." my mom always had to correct me. And I'm with you on the challenge of finding the best deal!! There's something exciting about finding the price per ounce and knowing your getting the most bang for your buck. :)

brenda said...

I would like to know where you grocery shop. I cannot even remember ever hearing music in a grocery store. I probably just need to pay better attention.

Amy Beth said...

i also enjoy these things very much. my momma and i go together every week. loves it. :)

Jamie said...

I really dig that you played checker when putting the groceries away! I did too! When I was little I liked watching the bagger dude pick up the cans really quickly and toss them into his other hand inside the sack - like it was some kind of "known" way of bagging when you were a bagger dude...and everything fit really well into the bag!