Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday games

We spent since Tuesday in Seattle with Carl's dad. I learned to play Yahtzee. I was really bad at first because I'd never played before. I learned though and eventually did really well. Yahtzee!

If you haven't played, you should learn. It's barrels of fun!

PS, barrels makes me think of Barrel of Monkeys which was a dumb game to me. You always lose monkeys and then the game's worthless.


katie johnson said...

oh yahtzee! haven't played it in years. i went through a yahtzee phase with a friend way back when, and we would always think of creative/fun/loud ways to yell "YAHTZEEEE!"
def try it.
p.s. the barrel of monkeys part made me laugh. so true.

Amanda said...

i love yahtzee!!!! we should have a yahtzee tournament or something when you get back.

Jenn said...

I basicall played yahtzee during my whole childhood. I am sorry that you only now have discovered the greatness of it. But better late than never. :)
I think I only got a yahtzee maybe 3 times in my life and I am pretty sure I cheated one of those times. Hmm.