Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And now, this is happening.

We leave in 52 hours for 11 days in the Northwest. I know 4 of the 3 pictures are from the beach, but I'm the most excited about seeing the ocean again. After all, it's only my 3rd time to see it. We've got lots of fun things planned and I'm looking forward to getting more acquainted with Portland and Seattle. We may luck into a white Christmas which would be great.

Here's to festivus, family, friends, and food! I hope your holiday is one with lots of memories and that we all remember that the only reason we have what we have is by the grace of God.

PS, watch the video at the bottom. It has been inspirational in my family's life over the last 2 years.


abby coyle photography said...

I loved visiting Portland when Tyler lived there. Salem, not so much. Portland has so much life to offer! I don't know if you have gone before, but y'all should go to the Pearl District when you're there. It's the arts district...which means open door nights! It was a real creative & fun date. Oh, and not to mention you should have your hubby take you on a fancy date to Portland City Grille. You'll fall in love with him all over again for doing it! haha:)

Hope y'all have a fun & safe time! Merry Christmas!!

Tabby said...

I love the video. We actually just got involved this year. Thanks for following my new blog too, I have no idea how to follow yours, but I check it often!! Have a blessed day!

Tricia said...

Oh how I adore the NW! I miss living there and would go back in a heartbeat! We honeymooned (9 years ago tomorrow) in Canon Beach, it was wonderful! Enjoy your trip - hopefully the weather will cooperate for you!