Monday, February 2, 2009

DC cont.

This is a pump fake. But Monica brought to my attention I didn't post the rest of our trip, i.e., inauguration day. I shall do it soon! I've been in the middle of baby showers, superbowling, and helping with new babies! (baby Simon comes TODAY!) Check out my photos on facebook and Carl's blog post of it. That should hold you over.

ps, Is Groundhog Day really that important?


Josh McCullock said...

it's importance is only in the fact that it's featured in one of the top 5 worst movies ever.

Katrina 'Wood' Honnoll said...

And for 1st Graders... going out to the playground with their construcion paper groundhogs glued to popsicle sticks... looking for it's shadow. Not to mention the whole day is themed towards the little furry creature, who apparently can dig 700 lbs of dirt in one day. Yeah, I know!