Friday, February 20, 2009

The West Wing

I am obsessed with The West Wing. I can't even tell you why. I just do. It's so interesting and has inspired me to know more about politics.

Watch it. You'll be hooked. I've finished Season 3 and am waiting for Season 4 from Patrick's private West Wing library.

Any other fans out there?

PS, California in t-minus 5 days. Wooooopdie!


ashe said...

I love WW! Lance and I are at the beginning of season 4. Unfortunately, I had a sad realization this week that one day there will be no more Josh, Donna, Leo, Toby, C.J., Charlie or President Bartlett!

revbrunet said...

i have been an addict since college. watched the new episodes with great anticipation every week. i have seasons 1-4 and 7. sorkin left the writing team after season 4 and you can really tell the difference. he came back in season 7 to help finish things properly. definitely watch the entire series, but be prepared to love the first four years far more than the last three.

realolivegreen said...

I'm on season 4 now! Dani...that makes me sad about Sorkin. But i will carry on.

J Campbell said...

i love it too. love love love it. enjoy.

jessy burton said...

my entire last week of finals instead of doing papers i watched like 11 hours of consecutive west wing episodes everyday.

the seasons ONLY GET BETTER!!!!!

p.s. miss you. :)