Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1) I bite my nails. I haven't for a while, but I ruined my streak tonight. I have that weird feeling when they're too short right now.

2) You've Got Mail is probably the best "in the background" movie. It's also just a nice happy movie. It makes me smile. The way Meg Ryan walks, all the daisies, The Shop Around the Corner, Tom Hanks...it goes on.

3) I got a promise on a job from a manager at Starbucks yesterday. At first, I felt kind of embarrassed because in my mind, working for Starbucks would be taking a "step back" professionally speaking. I'm going from salary to hourly, from sick days and holidays to working days, and from dress code to uniform. All the while, having people I know come by and see me in the black and khaki. The embarrassment was the same post-graduation when I realized I wasn't using my degree. Hello! I guess I felt like since I'd spent 4 years earning the piece of paper, I should use it. Well, anyway, I'm over my embarrassment and I'm ready to work. I need a routine schedule again. I need to be doing something productive (s/a earning money to pay for my ungodly insurance and medication.) Bonus: I've missed the food service industry, honestly. So I'm excited about my return.

4) Real Simple just told me I can use a tennis ball cut in half to help open a stubborn jar. How genius.


Thompson Family said...

starbucks is a wonderful place...corby worked there for about 6-7 months and they paid for our sweet little oliver. we love starbucks and their insurance! congrats on the job!

revbrunet said...

you are not allowed to be embarrassed by the food service industry if i, with my master's degree, can wait on half the members of okc first on a regular basis.

nothing says "success" like a uniform shmeared with baked potato soup.

Abby said...

Those weird grippy plastic things you line drawers and cabinets with work well for opening jars too.

Mags said...

I've been told all my life - and proven among self and college pals - the earned degree is not put to use efficiently or effectively.

Starbucks sounds quite fun actually, and they seem to be hiring better and better people anyhow - so you would be perfect and hopefully surrounded with enjoyable coworkers and customers!

Well, we certainly have destroyed tennis balls easily at our reach that can now come in quite handy, thank-you You and Real Simple :) I seem to be addicted to pickles after hating them for 26 years. No, not preggo despite craving them and vanilla ice cream last week, which I also really don't care for. But that tennis ball can now help crack the jars without my wrist or elbow grease!

Jamie said...

regarding #2...a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and the smell of scotch tape...