Monday, November 24, 2008

the year was 2006...

...and great things were made that year.

I cannot fully divulge the contents of what was made that year that was so great but I can tell you that we are proud owners of something. I can tell you that it was the greatest day with no hiccups and no difficulties. I can also tell you that what has happened has been one of my greatest dreams and it has come true. (Please excuse the disney in that last sentence.)

No, I'm not pregnant. (Just in case you were trying to find a way to make that be what this is about.)

And no, it's not my coffee shop/art gallery/ music venue "Cup of Joe."

Keep guessing!


live compassionately said...

I know I know I know :)

Mags said...

alright, how about some clues like maybe give us one now, one in an hour, one tonight, etc :) or live compassionately could just blurt it out! then again keeping me (and others?) continually checking the blog might make today that much more interesting since I can't seem to concentrate on work.

Mags said...

killing me! if today is the day you HOPE it arrives... then you must not have a tracking number. or perhaps it's something bigger being delivered by a non-shipping company. or perhaps it will drop out of the sky?

realolivegreen said...

I cannot fully reveal until Thursday because I'm keeping it a secret from my family.

It does not require a tracking number.

It is 4 blocks away.

It is black.

That's all I feel comfortable telling you right now. (I may reveal more just for you Maggie...check back later! :)

revbrunet said...

4 blocks away from you is snu, isn't it?

i was gonna guess a new car but i doubt that's a lifelong dream of yours...

more hints, please.

Josh McCullock said...

oh man, this is driving me nuts!
I can't wait for katie to get home from elementary school so we can find out what it is!!

realolivegreen said...

Dani, SNU is technically not even 1 block away from me...I'm about 1/2 a football field away. I'm hurt that a new car wouldn't be a dream of mine. It is a dream of mine. Have you seen the Toyota/Buick???? hahahahah.

And Josh already knows what it is so he's just being silly. No bribing Josh or Kristen to find out early!!!

Mags said...

I hope its a puppy - black labs are great! hahahaha. i'll keep checking pack. and work turned into a nightmare or else I would have bombarded you with more insane inquisitive posts!

sybil said...

so we find out on Thursday? because I have been checking every hour or so.

realolivegreen said...


It is dog-friendly. (for Bauer)

It is camping -friendly.

It is seizure-friendly. (hee hee)

I'm going to think of more so stay tuned.

Marty Michelson said...

It's a port-a-potty.

realolivegreen said...

It's versatile.

You can sleep in it.

It's very safe.

It's environmentally friendly.

Made in the USA.

Amanda said...

i think it's a car like dani said, some kind of roomy hybrid car? and it has some special anti-seizure device in it. :)