Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I DID get to go to Michigan this weekend! WOO HOO! It was awesome; I'm so glad I went! No problems, no seizures...all is well. Oh, and it snowed the day we left. Oh, and their trees are the prettiest I've seen this year.

So, we flew. Duh. I forget how people act when they fly. We flew Northwest airlines, so they board "elite" first and then everyone else. So, everyone starts crowding immediately and are cutting each other and racing down the jetway. Don't they know that if you're first on or last on, your seat will still be there? It's called assigned seating. Same story when the plane stops at the gate. You hear everyone's seatbelts unclick and everyone stands up to get their stowed baggage. Again, do you not remember that if you get off first, or last, you're still going to get off? And why hurry? Especially if you have to go to baggage claim, you might as well sit and wait. Everyone just needs to calm down and enjoy life slowly. Just because you run doesn't mean you'll get your (fill in the blank) any faster than those who walk.

PS-I had my first experience at Aldi (grocery store) yesterday and it was awesome. I came away a bandit!


Kendra Thomson said...

soooooooo glad you got to go!!! Hooray!

Josh McCullock Photography said...

Aldi is sweet, I wish we had one over here!

hodgepodgemom said...

I am laughing so hard about your comments on the people rushing to get on and off the airplane. Matt calls these people the "me first society" and complains about them often. The worst are the ones who speed around you going 10 or 15 over the speed limit, only to be sitting in front of you 30 seconds later at the red light! I agree, life would be so much more peaceful if everyone would just slow down and breathe!