Thursday, November 6, 2008


if one side of my nose is cooperating, the other isn't. that's frustrating. what is also frustrating is already being on medication daily and having to add to that dosage cold medicine due to the pressure in my face. is it not bad enough that i have to feel tired all the time? must we add other factors to this? i guess so.

i'm mostly upset because the movement of whatever into my sinus' is most likely going to not allow me to go to Michigan this weekend to see my friend Emily who I haven't seen since January. carl is shooting her brother's wedding and it was going to work out perfectly for me to come and see her for 2 days. well, that was until I had 3 more partial seizures and now this invasion of bacteria. how rude. all i want to do is visit my friend and feel well enough to travel.

i'm not giving up yet...but i have a feeling that surrender is inevitable. :(

Dear Karma,

Please deal me some nice cards. It would be greatly appreciated.



Josh McCullock Photography said...

Dear Cara,
I don't exist, sorry.
try sinus rinse....I hear it's awesome!


Josh McCullock Photography said...

wait a second...that doesn't make sense.

Mandie said...

oh no....i HATE being sick...i am going to pray that the Lord would heal you right up!! You deserve a fun weekend!

teri springer said...

Cara, get thee to a pharmacy (or send Carl) and get some saline nasal spray. You don't need any more crap on top of the stuff you already take.

You NEED to come to Michigan. The weather toady is phenominal!!! You know, warm, with skys so blue it hurts your eyes to look at it! I just wish my poor crabapple still had more of it's stunningly beautiful leaves on it but most of them are in the grass....where they still look good.

I hope the weather holds for the wedding- it's supposed to turn more "normal" for Michigan in November today. I am headed out to Kalamazoo this evening for the Art Hop so I hope it doesn't rain.

Hugs to you both....hope you get to see Emily.

teri (a friend of Ben's)

DG said...

Afrin, baby. You need some Afrin. Careful tho - it's addictive. It'll open up those sinus passages so wide you'll be able to drive a Mack truck thru 'em.

Team Honnoll said...

cara girl, i'm afraid i can't prescribe any medicine... but it sucks big time, and i'm sorry you feel so bad! i hope you make it to michigan.

CV said...

Dear Cara,

I cannot find your email address anywhere! Could you please send it to me someday soon. Today, as I was perusing the Etsy website, like I do most every day... I found these little earrings. They made me think of you instantly... so I had to share them with you. I hope you enjoy. :)