Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm really pissed off right now. I need some ideas of what to do with my anger. Got any?

In the meantime I'm going to yoga and hoping to namaste this in the face.



JJC said...

journal it out. go running. throw a glass against the wall. drink till you pass out. HEY - you didn't say healthy options - brainstorming here - no idea is a bad idea. (haha) dont eat your problems - you'll just feel like crap in the morning. Repeat - journal. Paint. clean and dance it out.

JJC said...

oh and cry - cry and yell - it's ok to do that

Mike said...

Here's what works for me:
Run fast or far

Punch something inanimate

Write write write---this is a big one for me. If you're like me, you'll want to filter or censor yourself, not actually write the worst of your thoughts, out of shame or embarrassment or some idiotic idea that you are too enlightened or sophisticated to admit those thoughts... but those are the ones to write the darkest, I mean really get in there and scratch them into the paper, because, baby, those are the thoughts wanting to get out the most...

Metallica or something else loud and distorted

Alcohol (but not till you pass out, that'll suck even worse than the anger later)

JJC said...

What Mike said about the writing is essential.

Not really till you pass out - at least not every time. But i have found that a little wine helps me drop my walls - even when it's just with me. (I'm not very good at doing what Mike said to do with writing, need wine sometimes.)

supershiksa said...

i just want to point out the sheer and ironic genius of the expression "namaste this in the face."

but to your request for ideas, i'll echo mike and jj and say i also hit inanimate objects and/or workout when i'm super pissed. sometimes i compulsively clean the house when i'm angry, too, which helps me take out aggression in measurable ways, ie. i can see the dirt going away. plus, when you're through, clean house! bonus!!

Cara said...

You guys are more violent than I expected! The yoga did the trick and some unfiltered venting to myself. I enjoy writing it out, just didn't have the patience last night.  Oh and some Florence + the Machine.