Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've tried really hard this year to be grateful for something or someone as often as possible. It helps keep my head in the right place. It keeps me grounded and present and positive. Here is a list of a few things. I hope your thankfulness is more often than just on a holiday about Pilgrims and murdered turkeys. I'm trying to make it a habit.

Grateful for:
- a job.
- my mom.
- new friends.
- old friends.
- church.
- neighbors.
- Bauer. (PS I miss him.)
- counseling.
- healing.
- patience.
- newness.
- yoga.
- strength.
- overcoming fear(s).
- family.
- heritage and legacy of/from my grandparents.
- twitter/facebook. That sounds dumb, but I can't tell you how many people I've met and how many messages I've received that I wouldn't have otherwise.
- Memphis.
- a God who makes all things work together for good. Even divorce.
- Kristen, aka Kel, aka the only person who has felt what I feel and speaks the language of divorce so clearly with and to me.
- my former spouse and all I learned about marriage, ministry, God, others, belief, doubt, respect, listening, guitar, music, photography, and being open-minded because of who he was and who we were together.
- a reliable vehicle.
- good health insurance.
- less seizures than last year.
- new babies who think I'm pretty cool and 2 year olds who can talk and are hilarious.
- Coach Taylor winning an Emmy.
- free food.
- paid time off.
- the ability to travel to see my friends who live away from here. ( Hi Tyler, Emily, Jen, Zach, Dax and Aleah. See you soon John & Kim, Steven and Cheryl!)
- the iPhone.
- selling the sentimental to make room for new memories.
- milestones.
- sleep/rest.
- restoration.
- health.
- seasons. Both literal and figurative.
- music.
- traditions.
- quiet.
- podcasts.
- road trips.
- sunsets.
- late nights with friends.
- change.

I could go for days on this subject. I hope you could too.

Merry Giving of Thanks to you and yours!


Katie said...

And the McCullocks are thankful for our dear friend Cara who we were able to come to know & love from early years of dating, marriage & into this new chapter in your life. We love you to pieces! :)
Btw..we told Gavin we were going to visit some friends the other day (Stu & Heather in Springfield) and he said "Cawah??" he talks about you a lot, he likes his friend "Cawah" a lot too. :)

Jenna said...

that's a pretty dang good list girlfran.

Kimberly said...

I love this list. I wish I was a phone person. and you were a phone person. but alas, we are not. Love you still, see you soon!


Susan said...

I could sit here for hours reading post after post after post. This one brought tears to my eyes. It may have just been a list of what occurred in the past year but my interpretation was a list of your blessings. I wish I could have taken the time to compile such a list.