Tuesday, March 22, 2011

35 emails

That's how many emails I had in my work email this morning. This is my first day with access to my email. Lots of those were hellos and welcoming words from friends around campus (here and afar!)

My brain is swollen from all the information it's had to soak up the last 2 days. It's like starting a still merry-go-round. It's going to take a few hard pushes to get it spinning. That's what my brain feels like. I'm confident I'll be able to handle it once I get the wheels spinning!

Oh, and I can't wait to work out in the fitness center. Who says that?! Someone who gets bonuses for working out, that's who!


Mike said...

This makes me happy to read! And I can DEFINITELY relate to having your brain feel like it's swollen. I had my first days of work back in October but I am STILL learning tons!

Here's to new starts!

Jacquelyn said...

We always say starting work at LifeChurch.tv is like drinking from a fire-hose. Best way to learn, though, if you can ignore the drowning feeling. :)

Also, I will bet you ten dollars that I will elope. Handshake. It's on.

Kristen Mallory said...

Congrats on your new job, I know Chesapeake is a great place to work! Also - I've been TRYING to get my butt into the fitness center as much as possible too (at Devon) and it makes me feel AWESOME!