Thursday, August 26, 2010

project runway

so. much. drama.

know-it-alls, outrageous dressers, bi-polars and "cray cray"s.

whatever. make it work.

PS, I do not like Gretchen. I literally talk to my tv and tell her to shut-up every week.


Jax said...

Literally yelled at her via my television. Then cheered and highfived Tim at the end.

Mike said...

Talking to your TV?

Maybe you belong on the show with the other cray crays. :-)

rachel said...

okay. i read your blog a lot, and finally i can stay silent no longer. I HATE GRETCHEN TOO!! and along with previous commenter Jax, i too yelled at her the entire episode, then gave Tim a standing ovation for his scolding at the end. Good post, Cara...good post.

little dalene said...

I'm glad you blogged about this. I was away from my TV for too long and didn't realize it had started! I've been catching up online. The first episode I thought, "Oh, Gretchen is sweet. Why does Cara not like her?" Now I completely understand. Annoying!