Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Be Honest

People. Your car is not trapped in your driveway. The streets are not sheets of ice. The roads are clear.

You are just lazy.

It's okay! I am too! Just don't lie about it. Turn on your defrost, come back in 20 minutes with your ice scraper and start chipping away. It's great exercise and a swell stress reliever. Get out there and run your errands!

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The Planet Pink said...

This weather always brings out the "no body got as much snow and ice as I did!" syndrome.

Thompson Family said...

The weather excuse is lame. One of my clients cancels on Saturday because she was nervous to walk on the ice! I walked on it and my balance is way off bc of this baby! Geez!

Jacquelyn said...

HA! thank you! So sick of this excuse. Scrape fast, drive slow, you'll be fiiiiine.

revbrunet said...

my favorite are the online students i have who assumed that since campus was closed, online classes were "closed" as well. no. the internet did not have a snow day. try again.