Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Winter Games

We just love the Olympics around here. Is anyone else just blown away at how nearly every sport has evolved since we were kids? Tricks are so outrageous now. And I can't get over how far over you can speed skate. You're basically levitating off the ground Apollo! It's only day 2 of competition, but we've been recording and watching as much as possible.  The Opening Ceremonies weren't the greatest ever, but I still enjoyed them. (China really set the bar high.)

Speed Skating: For some reason it is really intense to watch, especially short-track. (For me anyway.) They go so fast and are so far over and soooo close together that I'm concerned for their safety. At least 1 person wipes out every race and they go flying into the wall. Ouch.

Moguls: I've watched both men and women's. My body hurts. They are sailing down a black diamond hill, hitting every mogul, completing 2 jumps and someone coming away safely. I saw 2 crashes. Both got up and finished the hill, but I have no idea how. It looks like they were flown from a vehicle into hard snow! Yowzers! One girl has had 6 knee surgeries and walked away with the bronze! Whaaaaaaattt?!?!?!?

Luge: I can't watch it. (Okay, I did...but I can't anymore.) They are just going too fast. Even after all the changes they made to the track, it's just too fast. 90mph?! It's 10mph MORE than the 2006 games.

We're watching Figure Skating, but it's only because freestyle skiing is next.


What have you enjoyed about the Olympics so far?


s + b said...

amen about the moguls... ouch! seriously! i hear ya about the body aches.. i felt like my knees were gonna fall off.

The Planet Pink said...

I used to love the luge, but now I watch with my heart in my chest. Short track is SO fun to watch - that race where the Koreans wiped out at the last millisecond... WOW!

Mike said...

I've been watching too! I didn't even know short track existed before Saturday. It's amazing how close they are to their competitors. It would be hard to tune it out.

I actually understand what the biathlon is all about now. At first I was like "Skiing and shooting? Why?" But it makes sense now, an endurance task combined with a finesse task. Tough.

I also got into the 10K part of the Nordic combined. Not a fan of the ski jump, however...

Ditto on the moguls thoughts.

I actually even got into the figure skating....well, the two leading teams, anyway...

On one complaint note--I sure wish they would fix the technical glitches (i.e. "No Input...")

thatsilverlining said...

Whenever I watch speed skating, I am always terrified that someone is going to slice off a body part with those huge skates.

The Pybs said...

i'm not gonna lie, i not so secretly wish i could look like those skiers on moguls. that's how i see myself looking in my head before i try to go down runs like that, but usually just end up on my butt halfway down the run in tears without any of my gear.

You Are My Fave said...

This year my faves have been short track, moguls and snowboard half pipe. Ice dancing has been my least fave.